Gypsy Cob Twin Foals

Twin Alert 🧡🧡 - Podolin Enjoyable Morelle and Podolin Ethereal Aurinia

Two beautiful sisters by Imperial Topaz of Podolin: Podolin Enjoyable Morelle (out of Lady Marmalade) Podolin Ethereal Aurinia (out of Coates Yellow Girl aka Amy) Would you guess which one is which? Gypsy Cob Twin Foals
Gypsy Cob Twin Foals
Podolin Enjoyable Morelle - The first daughter of the stallion Imperial Topaz of Podolin - his faithful copy! Daughter of the proven Lady Marmalade , who has left behind only the best fillies! Gypsy Cob Foals
This beauty has stolen our hearts from the moment she touched the ground - an energetic, sweet, long-legged beauty in a deer robe. Its large size and long legs promise a high target height of around 150 cm. Gypsy Cob Foals

Gypsy Cob Twin Foals
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