Gina Marie Shaman

Gina Marie Shaman - USA - Eventing

Gina Marie Shaman

  • Sloan Doak

    Sloan Doak

    American Olympian Sloan Doak who represented the USA in show jumping, dressage & eventing at three olympic games | Sloan Doak Horse Rider Profile | Stable Express
  • Paul Barker Showjumper

    Paul Barker Showjumper

    Profile of British showjumping rider Paul Barker, read about the horses that he has ridden and keep up to date with Paul Barker
  • How the Queen saved the Cleveland Bay horse

    How the Queen saved the Cleveland Bay horse

    If it wasn`t for the Queen, this beautiful breed of horse would have become extinct. 🐴

Biagina Lazaroni

Biagina Lazaroni - USA

Gina Weare

Gina Weare is an advanced eventer rider and race horse trainer from the UK, if you can help us expand our rider profile please email us at

Gina Duran

Gina Duran - USA

Gina Fiore

Gina Fiore - USA

Gina Galli

Gina Galli - Switzerland

Gina Howes

Gina Howes - South Africa

Gina Hunte

Gina Hunte - Barbados

Gina Mccullach

Gina Mccullach - South Africa

Gina Miles

Gina Miles - USA

Gina Pijnenburg

Gina Pijnenburg - Holland

Gina Rothery

Gina Rothery - New Zealand

Gina Semmelhack

Gina Semmelhack - Germany

Gina Silvestri

Gina Silvestri - USA

Gina Economou

Gina Economou - USA

Gina Haddad

Gina Haddad - Australia

Gina Montgomery

Gina Montgomery - Australia

Gina Ruck

Gina Ruck - UK

Gina Smith

Gina Smith - Canada

Jiskia Regina Guimil Reis

Jiskia Regina Guimil Reis - Brazil

Leonie-Gina Fischer

Leonie-Gina Fischer - Germany

Maria Isabel Regina De Vega Francisco

Maria Isabel Regina De Vega Francisco - Philippines
Online Dressage

Telma Regina Andrade

Telma Regina Andrade - Brazil - Showjumping
Horse Videos

Telma Regina Andrade

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Telma Regina Andrade

Regina Brunner

Regina Brunner - Germany

Regina Burgmayr

Regina Burgmayr - Germany

Regina FãTima Marques

Regina FãTima Marques - Brazil
Warmblood Horses

Regina Hegemann

Regina Hegemann - Germany

Regina Sanders

Regina Sanders - Germany

Regina Vidales G.

Regina Vidales G. - Mexico

Regina Bãœttner

Regina Bãœttner - Germany

Regina Daniels

Regina Daniels - Ireland

Regina Kupriyanova

Regina Kupriyanova - Russia

Silvia Regina Maria De Lourdes Roesch Galvez

Silvia Regina Maria De Lourdes Roesch Galvez - Guam

Gina Capellmann - Lăśtkemeier

Gina Capellmann - Lăśtkemeier - Germany

It was during this period that Kriss Arbury looking for shire geldings visited Vern. Kriss did not get what he was after but nevertheless ended up taking home an eight-month-old filly. Thus began a friendship which continues through today.

Georgina Hamblin

Georgina Hamblin is a dressage rider from the UK, help us expand our rider database, please email us at


Georgina Hamblin

Posted by Stable Express

Georgina Hamblin