Frauke Jensen

Frauke Jensen is an event rider from Germany, born 2nd of January 1966, horses competed by Frauke Jensen includes LUZI CARO (sired by KING ARTHUR TSF) and SCIPIO S (Sunlight xx x Goldfinger)

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Angie Clark

Angie Clark - Australia

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Mohd Tariq Yaslam Butaish

Mohd Tariq Yaslam Butaish is an endurance rider from the United Arab Emirates, horses competed by Mohd Tariq Yaslam Butaish includes Galagolan Dudesert, Hiram Du Somail and Hw Shieatann

Michaela Bohuslavkova

Michaela Bohuslavkova - Czech

Perry Colgate

Perry Colgate -
warmblood foals for sale

Saeed Abdul Aziz

Saeed Abdul Aziz is a showjumping rider from Bahrain, have you got any pics or videos of Saeed Abdul Aziz, please email us at riders@stableexpress.com

Kennedy Nikita

Kennedy Nikita is an eventer from Australia, Stableexpress has information on riders & horses from all around the world help us expand our information on Kennedy Nikita, please email us at riderdatabase@stableexpress.com

Thibault Seriat Gautier

Thibault Seriat Gautier - France
Horse Videos

Thibault Seriat Gautier

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Thibault Seriat Gautier

Tine Magnus

Tine Magnus - Belgium - Eventing
Tine Magnus
Tine Magnus

Vajk Bakaity

Vajk Bakaity - Hungary - Showjumping
Vajk Bakaity

Paula Stone

Paula Stone is an event rider from Ireland, horses ridden by Paula Stone includes Clissic Image (1995, Gelding, sired by Classic Vision out of the mare Tarmar who is a daughter of Sayfar)

Sylvie Corellou

Sylvie Corellou - France

Valeria Fedeli

Valeria Fedeli is an Italian showjumper, grow our rider database please email us at editor@stableexpress.com .

Rebecca Clack

Rebecca Clack - UK - Jockey
Rebecca Clack

Mohd Tolhah Mahamud

Mohd Tolhah Mahamud is an endurance rider from Malaysia, horses competed by Mohd Tolhah Mahamud includes Mora Esmeralda, Zaeem and Gambler Perkasa.

Mohannad Eraigat

Mohannad Eraigat - Jordan - Endurance Rider

Layla Abdul Aziz Al Redha

Layla Abdul Aziz Al Redha - UAE - Dressage Rider
Layla Abdul Aziz Al Redha

Almir Lustosa Vieira

Almir Lustosa Vieira - Brazil

Andrei Neale

Andrei Neale - Horse Showing

Tami-Maree Parnell

Tami-Maree Parnell is an Australian Endurance Rider, horses competed by Tami-Maree Parnell includes Monkhani Lodge Nobles Locket, Churinga Flyer & El Jabal Brook.

Judy Garofalo Torress

Judy Garofalo Torress - Showjumping

Judy Garofalo Torress Horses

Harlem De Mescam (Le Tot de Semilly), Oliver III (Irco Marco)

Judy Garofalo Torress Competition Results

21 - CDI 3* Wellington (USA), G.P.W Mista - 16/03/2008 - Oliver III
2 - Pennsylvania National - Harrisburg, PA, Pennsylvania Big Jump - 20/10/2005 - Oliver III
1 - American Gold Cup, CSI-W - Devon, PA, AGC Welcome Stake - 16/09/2005 - Harlem De Mescam
4 - Rotterdam, Van De Maas Prijs - 19/06/2004 - Harlem De Mescam

Mohammed Yousif Almeabad

Mohammed Yousif Almeabad - Bahrain

Ralph Lang

Ralph Lang from Germany competes in the equestrian sport of horse driving, help us grow stableexpress database please email us at horsedriving@stableexpress.com

Kazuteru Kitai

Kazuteru Kitai - Japan - Showjumping RiderKazuteru

Jutta Reutter

Jutta Reutter - Germany - EventingJutta

Aleksandrs Vasiljevs

Aleksandrs Vasiljevs - Latvia - Show Jumping Rider Aleksandrs

Michel Denayer

Michel Denayer - France - Endurance RiderMichel

John Teeter

John Teeter - USA - Endurance RiderJohn