Eventing Stallions

Browse through eventing stallions past and present, research bloodlines and find a potential stallion for your broodmare with Stableexpress. When looking for a stallion for eventing you need to consider all aspects, including there conformation, scope, rideability, bravery and stamina. If you have a stallion and would like to list your stallion please get in touch and email us at info@stableexpress.com


Eventing Stallions

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Eventing Stallions


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    Cumano Z

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Mill Law

Mill Law is a highly sought after eventing stallion who has proven himself both as an event horse himself as well as a producer of eventers. As a competition stallion Mill Law gained 152 points in British dressage and 145 points in British Dressage.

Progeny of Milll Law
07 Ex Carrig Flight , 07 Ex Rock Me Baby , Abide Bye The Law , Arrosage Moulin , Brockington Flossie , Ev Mills Magic , Gan Canny , Gods Grace3 , Heaven Can Wait Ii , Howen Ronnie , Jailhouse Rock6 , Mavoricks Law , Max Miller , Maxi Million , Mia Million , Military Commander , Military Honours , Mill About Town , Mill On The Floss2 , Mill Rose Ii , Mill Star , Millaboutown , Millie On Air , Mills Red Stryker , Millstone Chorus , Millthorpe , Mon Amie35 , Monarch Of The Glen V , Nether Mill , Newfoal , Otter Mill , Pebble Mill2 , Pepper Mill2 , Picanini Lulu , Primrose Mill , Rise Above It2 , Ruby Rouge2 , Rumour Mill , Run Of The Mill , Silver Mill2 , Spring Promise3 , State Of Play , Sugar Shack Mill , Through The Mill3 , Tikkabilla Mill , Trela , Trescoe , Treswallock , Trouble At The Mill , Twilight Star3 , Windmill7 , Windy Miller , State Of Play , SCHIEHALLION II

Charles Daly

Charles Daly - Ireland

Adriaan Struyk

Adriaan Struyk - Holland
Adriaan Struyk
Adriaan Struyk

Alistair Findlay

Alistair Findlay -

Josef Hnat

Josef Hnat - Czech

Juan Casadevall

Juan Casadevall - Spain

Malorie Baert

Malorie Baert - France

Maysam Bisharat

Maysam Bisharat - Jordan

Mohd Abdulla Al Romaithi

Mohd Abdulla Al Romaithi - UAE

M.J. Garbers

M.J. Garbers - Namibia - Endurance Riders
M.J. Garbers

Roman Duchac

Roman Duchac - Czech

Santiago De La Rocha

Santiago De La Rocha - Spain

Harma Germs

Harma Germs - Canada - Dressage Rider
Harma Germs

Istvan Suti

Istvan Suti - Hungary
Istvan Suti

Istvan Suti

Born: June 23, 1939 in Mindszent, Csongrád, Hungary

Istvan Suti Horses


Istvan Suti Competition Results

10 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1960 - Szepleany

Petra Miletinova

Petra Miletinova - Czech

Van Bckmann Trailers

horses trailers sale vans used vehicles allroad-concept fontenai on orne 61 adorns rent truck horse Model Uno Gp luxury Aluminum floor, 15 "wheel, wheel shock absorbers, anti-theft lock, spare wheel ... PTAC: 1200 Kg Empty weight: 650 Kg

Rental rates (van insurance included):
1/2 day: 40 euros TTC
1 day: 50 euros all tax included
2 days a week: 75 euros all taxes included
1 week-end: 90 euros TTC
1 week: 200 euros all taxes included
1 month: 450 euros all taxes included


Clemence Burgade

Clemence Burgade - France

Dodds Road in Bend, Oregon east of town. 10 minutes to Costco Newer tidy ranch home on 42 acres, with 36 irrigated. 15 acres of year round pasture, grow your own hay on 23 acres. Yes, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home fenced yard for dog. $460,000

Wilhelm Graf von Hohenau

Wilhelm Graf von Hohenau - Germany - Showjumping
Wilhelm Graf von Hohenau