Ernesto Sarabia Arriola

Ernesto Sarabia Arriola - Mexico - Showjumping Rider / Horses competed by Ernesto Sarabia Arriola include Handsome Grace, Zack Zack and ChaseErnesto Sarabia Arriola

Ernesto Sarabia Arriola

War Horse

Directed by the great Steven Speilberg, tells the story of a horse during WW1 | Fats and information from war horse as well as behind the scenes footage.…
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  • Oldenburg Horse

    Oldenburg Horse

    Oldenburg horses, see profiles of oldenburg horses in competition, oldenburg stallions at stud with stableexpress
  • Horse Driving
  • Judith Pietersen

    Judith Pietersen

    Britt Dekker with George and Judith Pietersen with Limited Edition | Judith Pietersen Dutch Dressage Rider

Ernesto Pacini

Ernesto Pacini - Italy - Showjumping Rider

Ernesto Colantuoni

Ernesto Colantuoni - Italy - Showjumping Rider

Ernesto Canseco

Ernesto Canseco - Mexico - Showjumping Rider

Ernesto Colman Mena

Ernesto Colman Mena - Uruguay - Horse Driving Ernesto

Ernesto Mariotti

Ernesto Mariotti - Italy - Endurance Rider Ernesto

Ernesto Vacirca

Ernesto Vacirca - Italy - Showjumping Rider Ernesto

Ernesto Mosso

Ernesto Mosso - Chile Ernesto

Ernesto Gatti

Ernesto Gatti - Argentina


award winning geese

For all geese enquiries please contact

Helena on: 0403 619 888

Toulouse is a city in the south of France, which is where this massive breed of goose originated. Toulouse geese are very large with a dewlap and are grey in colour. Darker grey plumage runs along the back to lighter in the breast to white in the lower posterior. They are quieter than most other breeds of geese but still make excellent guards and let you know when there are visitors. Toulouse Geese are considered a rare breed in Australia.

The advantage of geese living with horses is that each cancels out the others worms - many Victorian horse books talk of such which probably accounts for so many paintings of the era containing geese in stable yards. Our geese and horses live happily side by side in paddock or stable block. Home of the goose and gander that produced the Sydney Royal 2008 1st, 3rd Toulouse winners and best Toulouse Gander. We have quality Toulouse geese for sale with goslings available from September onwards.

Pedro Ernesto Carvalho

Pedro Ernesto Carvalho - Brazil - Eventing

Ernesto Martinez Carrillo

Ernesto Martinez Carrillo - Spain - Dressage Rider

Luis Ernesto Lujambio Apecechea

Luis Ernesto Lujambio Apecechea - Uruguay - Endurance Rider

Ernesto Shabailo

Ernesto Shabailo - Russia - Showjumping Rider

Ernesto Shabailo Horses

Boston (Olympic Horse)

Ernesto Shabailo Competition Results

35 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1960 - Boston (Olympic Horse)

Ernesto Bissacco

Ernesto Bissacco - Italy - Showjumping Rider Ernesto

Ernesto Hartkopf

Ernesto Hartkopf - Argentina - Showjumping Rider / Born: April 12, 1928 in Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ernesto Hartkopf Horses


Ernesto Hartkopf Competition Results

19 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1960 - Baltasar

Francisco Ernesto Saavedra Yepez

Francisco Ernesto Saavedra Yepez - Ecuador - Dressage Rider

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