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Equestrian News



Watch Milton in action with John Whitaker, Milton was the first horse to win of over £1,000,000 …
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Watch video of the great sport horse sire Grannus | Grannus (Graphit x Odessa) Oldenburg Stallion | Grannus is a leading showjumping sire, progeny include Grannush (John Whitaker).

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Meet Einstein the tiny little horse who is just 44cm in height. Click for more info …
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  • Tinka`s Boy

    Tinka`s Boy

    Watch video of Tinka`s Boy in action | Tinka`s Boy Fantastic jumping stallion competed by Markus Fuchs and Nick Skelton
  • Akhal-Teke Horses

    Akhal-Teke Horses

    Read about the ancient breed of horses of Akhal Teke | Akhal Teke - Kambarbay - Cross Country
  • Second Hand Horseboxes

    Second Hand Horseboxes

    Browse a wide range of second hand horse lorries for sale
  • Burggraaf


    Burggraaf (Show Jumping Stallion) | Landgraf I x Loanda, - Online Horse Database | Stableexpress.com | Watch video of Burggraaf.
  • Billy Twomey

    Irish showjumping rider Billy Twomey, competition results, news and information -
  • Hugo Simon

    Watch Hugo Simon competing Landgrafin & ET - Olympic showjumping rider Hugo Simon was a leading international showjumping rider who jumped for West Germany and Austria -
  • Endangered British Horse and Pony Breeds

    Each of these UK breeds have less than 300 left in existence. | 5 Critically Endangered British Horse and Pony Breeds -
  • Disney Horses

    Who are your favourite Disney cartoon horses, Ever since there have been cartoons there have been characters portrayed by animals, and horses have been used many times in children`s animated movies and cartoons from weekly regulars to special appearances. -