Disney Horses

Our Favourite Disney Horses

Ever since there have been cartoons there have been characters portrayed by animals, and horses have been used many times in childrens animated movies and cartoons from weekly regulars to special appearances. Disney is the most famous creator of cartoons, the company was started by the legendary Walt Disney in the early 1920`s and fast became the number one brand in childrens entertainment, an achievement which has continued to modern day. The artistry of a Disney cartoon lends itself perfectly to an equine character and they have not shyed from including them in their hit movies, here are our favourite, do you agree, who is your favourite Disney Horse?

Some of the famous cartoon horses include:

  1. Samson- He was a horse in the cartoon sleeping beauty, and he was a faithful servant to Prince Philip. Most the time he neighed but displayed intelligence and wise as it showed when he`s able to know the way to his home by memory. Samson is said to have helped Prince Philip in the battle between him and a dragon so that Philip could rescue the princess and restore peace to their kingdom.
    Samson - Disney Horse
  2. Major- A horse character in Cinderella and was a friend to Bruno and the mice. He belonged first to Cinderella`s father, but later gifted to Cinderella. He is a loyal friend to Cinderella and she offered so much love to him, although he had a distinguished personality. He dreams of becoming a royal like Cinderella when he leads other horses to Cinderellas` honeymoon.

    major Cinderella
  3. Maximus- A cartoon horse in the animated film Tangled who is a strong white horse with a barrel chest, blonde mane and tail, brown eyes and gray hooves. He was used as a mode of transport and also taken as a pet by other people. He was fierce, but devoted and determined to his work. He posed as a threat to criminals as he showed no sympathy to those who broke the law. He made it is own mission to capture the most wanted criminal Flynn Rider, rescue Rapunzel and keep crime at bay.

    Maximus Tangled
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  5. Achilles- This is a slender white horse with white fur and black hair, which was owned by Captain Phoebus in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. His name is originally from the Achilles heel line in the movie. He has a personality of being assertive, honourable, extroverted, courageous humble, even-tempered and sentimental. His main goal is to protect Phoebus.
    Achilles Hunchback of Notre Dame
  6. Frou Frou- A cartoon horse that is a friend of the Duchess and her kittens in the film The Aristocats. He has a kind, funny and friendly personality which he uses to please everyone and also charm her enemies to tell her secrets. Her main goal is to find and rescue the Duchess and the kittens when Edgar Balthazar traps them. She has a fabulous flower hat on her head.

    Frou Frou Aristocats
  7. Angus- he appears in the film Brave and is a faithful companion to Merida. He is a Shire horse who is black in color and can be stubborn or faint hearted at times. They have strong, loving bond with Merida, and he`s very loyal as he takes Merida wherever he wants to go. He uses his teeth and hooves as weapons.
    Angus Brave
  8. Buck - Buck is a self-centered, action-loving horse, who serves as a major character in Disney`s 2004 animated feature film Home on the Range. He has a mind of an action horse with martial art skills. He then reforms at the end and helps the cows after he discovers that Rico, his idol, is secretly working for Alameda Slim.

  9. Kjekk- Kjekk is Anna`s horse from Frozen, whom she grew up with and rode in pursuit of Elsa after the latter fled from Arendelle.

  10. Bullseye - Bullseye is a character in Disney/Pixar`s Toy Story franchise. He is a toy horse that was a part of Al`s collection, which had been in storage for several years. Despite the fact that Bullseye is a horse, he has traits of a puppy dog. He was extremely affectionate toward Woody, Jessie, and the other toys. He doesn`t have a speaking voice; instead, he neighs and makes other horse noises.
  11. Captain (101 Dalmatians) - Captain is a gray horse that wears a red British military horse blanket in Disney`s 1961 film 101 Dalmatians. He is an ally in the mission to rescue the puppies along with the Colonel, his sheepdog leader, and Sergeant Tibbs, a tabby cat.
    Captain (101 Dalmatians)
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