Creative Website Design For Horse Riders

Web Development Process

An eDeveloper will consult with you at no charge to establish the scope of the project, and to help you to find the best solution to accomplish your eBusiness objectives. You will also be directed and assisted in finding a domain name. This meeting typically takes from half an hour to an hour.

Once the objectives are clear, you and your eDeveloper will organize the content that you want, and find a system of organization for that content to be created into a navigation layout for your website. It may help if you bring ideas or examples from other web sites that you have seen and would like to have in your own website design.

You will be then be responsible to start to develop the text content of your web site, and it is important that your content be well written. Well written content will draw visitors to your web site from outside internet links and references, and also retain visitors who are finding quality information on your web site. Entrepreneur.com`s top ten list is a great checklist of the basics of what your web site should have. It is probably a good idea to take more than a day to type out your content. The content will be needed in about a week to compile your finished web site.

Once the web site`s layout is established during your meeting, your eDeveloper will consult with you on designing your website`s theme. You will then be given graphic selections to choose from for your website header image. You will be additionally given navigation theme choices to choose from for your website`s navigation system.

After your choices have been made, the theme, header and navigational system will be seamlessly fused together by your eDeveloper into a template webpage.

By this point, you will hopefully have written out the content that you would like to publish on your website. You will then be given page theme choices to choose from with a sample page of your content

At this stage in development, you will have a good concept of how your webpage will turn out. The eDeveloper will then need all of the content is going to be published. After discussing the minor details of the content`s presentation, the content will be added into the website along with digital images and other provisioned enhancements.

Finally, your eDeveloper will upload your website to the server it is to be hosted on. In addition to what you can do, if you decide to pursue your website`s marketing through Stable Express Website Design, that will be completed at this stage, too. Your business is now online!

The Final Product

At the completion of your website`s development, your website will be uploaded to your hosted domain, and your hosted website will be configured with whatever "live" content it contains to ensure that every interactive process is running correctly.

Creative Website Design For Horse Riders