Create A Website - Website Ideas

Custom Web Site Design Capabilities
Place a webcam online
Sell products online
Automate online purchases with a shopping cart
Event registration
Site search
Virtual tours
Secure members only Sections
Quick online polling
Store Locator
Appointment scheduling
Appointment reminders
Collect feedback with email forms
Answer frequently asked questions in one place
Demonstrate products or services with online videos
Share photographs in a photo gallery
Facilitate communication with an online forum
Display syndicated news feeds
Share your portfolio
Provide maps to your location
Draw traffic to your web site through search engines and search engine marketing
Share your organization`s latest news and upcoming events
Distribute online coupons
Share an online journal / log
Display calendar information for coordinating schedules
List your company`s job openings
Describe your products or services in an organized manner with as much detail as you want
Deploy web applications for data collection through your own PC`s
Tabulate price quotes with web applications

Examples of Web Site Utilization:
Entrepreneur.com`s top ten list is a good list of what needs web sites can fulfill, and it shows how professional websites are useful tools to people in all walks of life. To list a few:

A Motel, Inn or Hotel with an online virtual-tour and online reservations information
A Builder or Contractor with information and an online portfolio
A Restaurant with Catering (pictures of cuisine)
An Artist or Craftsman with an On-line Sales Platform
A Charity or Non-Profit organization with newsletters and online donations
Any Level of Government to Share and Disseminate Information
A Musician with online music samples
A Company that needs to share information Internally(resort events schedule)
A Bed and Breakfast
A Theatre with showtimes, location, hours and contact information
A Politician or Political campaign
An Author with a Book Promotion
Philanthropist or Philosopher with a viewpoint to share
A Car-Dealership
A Marina with online billing
A Church with online sermons, bulletins, forums, photo galleries and events listings
A Lawn Service
A Medical Professional with a place to reference patients for more information
A Real Estate Agency, and so much more.

What is an Stable Express Website Design website?

It`s an electronic salesman for your company`s goods or services that can generate substantial business leads
It`s a brochure without printing costs, accessible anywhere and anytime, with near negligible distrubtion costs
It`s a location for referencing other people, clients, or patients to information your website
It`s an online storefront to online shoppers in local and distant markets
It`s a showcase to show that you are up-to-date with the latest practices in your field
It`s a 24/7 presence in the fastest growing media in the world today, whose value to your business is unlikely to diminish with coming technology changes
What are the advantages of being online with a web site?
Your business opens up to entirely new geographical markets
Your customers can find the information they need faster
Your highly targeted marketing efforts through Stable Express Web Site Design are focused on the demographic your company serves with a better ROI than conventional marketing

It gives the information your customers need to decide to go with your business instead of your competitors. It provides a quality and quantity of information that can`t be affordably placed in a Yellow Pages ad or billboard sign.

Create A Website - Website Ideas