Carl Edwards

Carl Edwards is a British showjumping rider who represent the UK at the 2000 olympics with his talented mare A Bit More Candy after the pair had so much success representing the UK on the nation cup circuit. Carl Edwards is the son of well respected horsemen Charlie Edwards, together thy have a succeful breeding program and produced some outstanding sport horses.
Grand Prix Winner HOYS, Wembley Carl Edwards

Carl Edwards Representing The UK Carl Edwards

U 2 - Carl Edwards bought him from Michael Whitaker as a 4YO and there wasn`t anything he couldn`t jump. Togeher hey won the national grade c championships, national grade b championships and 3Rd in the foxhunter in the same year at HOYS at 6/7 YO. U 2 & Carl Edwards then went on to come 3rd in the national championships that year and went to Rotterdam - Carl Edwards first nations cup. Carl then went on to sell U 2 to America to Burnie Trourig who won the paman American games twice and numerous world cups and grand prixs. He really was a legend. Carl Edwards

Carl Edwards, Part Of The British Showjumping Team with John Whitaker, Michael Whitaker & Andrew Davies Carl Edwards

Carl Edwards

Woodnymph - Carl Edwards`s 14.2 pony 7YO won the national pony championships, jumped in the pony European championships at Lincon won silver medal in the team. Then went on to win several gold medals in his life Carl Edwards

Carl Edwards British Team Carl Edwards
Carl Edwards & Princess Anne Carl Edwards

Carl Edwards Carl Edwards

Carl Edwards

Carl Edwards son Will Edwards Carl Edwards

Carl Edwards

Son of successful sports horse breeder Charlie Edwards, Carl Edwards has long been one the leading UK showjumpers. In 2000 Carl Edwards was picked to represent Great Britain at the Australian olympics on the home bred mare Bit More Candy after being the leader rider for team GB in the Nations Cup series.

Famous British Horse Riders

Carl Edwards Horses

Bit More Candy (sired by Alme, 1989), C Queen Bee, Candylupe, Cotton Candy II, FINE FILLY, Moneymore , U2

A leading british show jumping mare A Bit more candy was bred by leading british sport horse breeder Charlie Edwards by the legendary selle francais stallion Alme. A Bit More Candy was competed by Charlie Edwards son Carl Edwards who represented Gre

Candy Lupe was an international show jumping mare bred by British horse breeder Carl Edwards. Dam More Candy was also the mother of Carl Edwards Olympic horse Bit More Candy. Candy Lupe was produced as a young horse by the Edwards family before being
Conquest is by Concorde out of a mare by Ulft. Concorde won the silver medal winner in Barcelona, he was also the spectacular winner of the 1990 National Stallion Champion. Conquest is fully approved by the AES.

Carl Edwards Competition Results

03 - Horse Of The Year Show, 6 Year Old Championship - 14/10/2005 - Cotton Candy II
09 - Horse Of The Year Show, 6 Year Old Championship - 14/10/2005 - FINE FILLY
08 - Scope, 6 Year Old Championship - 04/09/2005 - Cotton Candy II
04 - Gijon, Nations Cup - 16/08/2001 - Bit More Candy
05 - Lummen, Nattions Cup - 22/07/2001 - Bit More Candy
07 - Royal Cornwall Show, Daewoo Grand Prix - 12/06/2001 - Candylupe
07 - Rome, Nations Cup - 29/05/2001 - Bit More Candy
03 - Cavan, Ireland, 1.30m - 09/11/2000 - Candylupe
06 - Gijon, Nations Cup - 16/08/2000 - Bit More Candy
08 - Olympics, Team - 27/07/2000 - Bit More Candy
01 - Aachen, Nations Cup - 16/07/2000 - Bit More Candy
03 - Lisbon, Nations Cup - 08/06/2000 - Bit More Candy
01 - Horse Of The Year Show, Grandstand Media Cup - 08/10/1999 - Conquest II
01 - Horse Of The Year Show, Daewoo Championship - 06/10/1999 - Bit More Candy
07 - Lisbon, Nations Cup - 22/07/1998 - Bit More Candy
07 - Athens, Nations Cup - 23/06/1998 - Bit More Candy
01 - Horse Of The Year Show, Daewoo Championship - 06/10/1997 - Moneymore
7 - Athens, Nations Cup - 03/07/1997 - Bit More Candy
01 - Horse Of The Year Show, Grade B Championship - 07/10/1995 - C Queen Bee
01 - Horse Of The Year Show, Grade C Championship - 08/10/1993 - Moneymore
01 - Horse Of The Year Show, Grade A Championship - 07/10/1989 - U2
Carl Edwards & Bit More Candy

Virginia Aste

Virginia Aste is a showjumping rider from Italy | Show Jump Horses For Sale | Equestrian Classifieds - Virginia Aste Italian Showjumper…
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    Watch video of So Long in the 1984 WC qualifer in London with Paul Schockemohle | German show jumping rider | Paul Schockemohle - So Long - World Cup Qualifier London 1984 | Showjumping Website |
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    Metallic horse sculptures recycled and repurposed steampunk-ish objects made for horse lovers. Check out this gallery of incredible steampunk equestrian art created world renowned artists.
  • Josephine Pearson

    Josephine Pearson

    Josephine Pearson - Australia

Carlos Cunha

Carlos Cunha - Portugal - Endurance Rider

Carlos Ventura Pons

Carlos Ventura Pons - Spain

Carly Tredinnick

Carly Tredinnick is a British equestrian rider from the UK, who lives in Halstead who competes in both sports of showjumping and dressage. Carly Tredinnick has hosted a number of equestrian themed fund raising occassions on behalf od the charity Great Ormond Street hospital.

William Hingley

Carlos Eduardo Da Silveira Monteiro

Carlos Eduardo Da Silveira Monteiro - Brazil - Endurance Rider

Carlos Hank Gonzalez

Carlos Hank Gonzalez - Mexico - Showjumping

Carlos Humeres

Carlos Humeres - Chile - Endurance RiderCarlos Humeres

Jose Carlos Mendes

Jose Carlos Mendes - Portugal - Showjumping

Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Juan Carlos Rodriguez - Argentina - Eventin

Carlos Javier Merino Loredo

Carlos Javier Merino Loredo - Peru
Horse Videos

Carlos Javier Merino Loredo

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Carlos Javier Merino Loredo

Carlos Bonessa

Carlos Bonessa - Guam - Endurance Rider

Carlotta Mimosa Bossi

Carlotta Mimosa Bossi - Italy - Eventing

Carly Chiarelli

Carly Chiarelli - USA - CT Diamond Gal & Carly Chiarelli

Carly Chiarelli

Carlos H. Mejia

Carlos H. Mejia - mexico

Carlos H. Mejia Horses


Carlos H. Mejia Competition Results

06 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1932 - Kanguru

Carlos Jos√£‚Äį Cola Ferr√£‚ÄįS

Carlos Jos√£‚Äį Cola Ferr√£‚ÄįS - Uruguay - Showjumping

Carlos Sivori

Carlos Sivori - Argentina - Endurance Rider

Carlos Federico Bechara

Carlos Federico Bechara - Venezuela

Carlos Figueroa

Carlos Figueroa - Spain

Carlos Lobos Mu√£‚ÄėOz

Carlos Lobos Mu√£‚ÄėOz - Chile

Carlos Fernandez Alvarez

Carlos Fernandez Alvarez - Spain

Carlos Flores

Carlos Flores - Chile

Carlos Grave

Carlos Grave - Portugal

Carlos Madera Garc√£¬ćA

Carlos Madera Garc√£¬ćA - Spain

Carlos Marin Meana

Carlos Marin Meana - Spain

Carlos Milthaler

Carlos Milthaler - Chile

Carlos Perez

Carlos Perez - Uruguay

Carlos Quinones

Carlos Quinones - Argentina

Carlos Renato Veiga Brito

Carlos Renato Veiga Brito - Brazil

Carlos Rodriguez Giraldo

Carlos Rodriguez Giraldo - Columbia

Carlos Vinicius G. Da Motta

Carlos Vinicius G. Da Motta - Brazil

Carlos Zimermann

Carlos Zimermann - Uruguay

Carlotta Carminati

Carlotta Carminati - Italy

Carlotta Scalabrini

Carlotta Scalabrini - Italy

Carlotta Zorzi

Carlotta Zorzi - Italy

Carl-Philipp Ritter

Carl-Philipp Ritter - Germany
Fly Repellent For Horses

Carly Campbell - Cooper

Carly Campbell - Cooper - Canada

Carly Johnstone

Carly Johnstone - Australia

Carly Otis

Carly Otis - USA

Carly Sinderbrand

Carly Sinderbrand - USA

Carlos Troncoso

Carlos Troncoso - Argentina

Carlos Vasconez

Carlos Vasconez - Ecuador

Carlos Videla

Carlos Videla - Chile

Carlos Vinicius da Motta

Carlos Vinicius da Motta -

Carlos Zepeda Hernandez

Carlos Zepeda Hernandez - Chile

Carlos Zepeda Ovalle

Carlos Zepeda Ovalle - Chile

Carlota Castillo Albarr√£¬ĀN

Carlota Castillo Albarr√£¬ĀN - Spain

Carlota Dupas

Carlota Dupas - France

Carlota Merino Criado

Carlota Merino Criado - Spain

Carlota Saenz Curto

Carlota Saenz Curto - Spain

Carlotta Brianzoni

Carlotta Brianzoni - Italy

Carlotta Burul

Carlotta Burul - Italy

Carlotta Canevese

Carlotta Canevese - Italy

Carlotta Ceresi

Carlotta Ceresi - Italy

Carlotta Furlanetto

Carlotta Furlanetto - Italy

Carlotta Minghetti

Carlotta Minghetti - Italy

Carlotta Palermo

Carlotta Palermo - Italy

Carlotta S√£‚ÄďFfing

Carlotta S√£‚ÄďFfing - Germany

Carlotta Salvini

Carlotta Salvini - Italy

Carlotta Steinbach

Carlotta Steinbach - Germany

Carly Nix

Carly Nix - Australia

Carly Rodgers

Carly Rodgers - USA

Deborah Di Carlo

Deborah Di Carlo - France

Dennis Carlsson

Dennis Carlsson - Sweden

Diego Mortatti Carlos

Diego Mortatti Carlos - Brazil

Donatella Carletti

Donatella Carletti - Italy

Carlo Vizzini

Carlo Vizzini - Italy

Your Search For Horse Property For Sale Begins Here ... Dream Horse Property For Sale, Tailor Made by Sunshine Custom Home Building Systems

Tailor Made by Sunshine. A different way of doing things, based entirely on Tailor Made relationships ... with the land and horse property itself and those clients who choose to live there. Your search for horse property for sale has led to a discovery that results in remarkable Tailor Made Horse Property Communities and Custom Homes, each with an unparalleled buying experience from start to finish.

When it comes to Horse Property for sale and the Tailor Made by Sunshine Custom Home Building Systems, top-notch quality is evident at every turn. Distinct architectural influences, careful attention to detail, along with expert craftsmanship showcase all the luxurious features you desire in your ideal horse property - all highlighted by the total experience you deserve.

Antã³Nio Jorge Carlos Silva

Antã³Nio Jorge Carlos Silva - Portugal

Carl Bruno

Carl Bruno - USA

3 Bedroom 2 Bath house on 3 1/2 acres just outside of Weatherford, TX in Peaster ISD. One barn and one new all metal 12` x 24` horse shed. 30` x 300` lane setup ready to rope now. GREAT ground...very sandy. Pasture across the road is available for lease, too. Its about 5-6 acres with lots of coastal. Great place to keep roping calves. House is 1900 square feet, central air and heat, hot tub, 2 car carport, rock driveway, cyclone fenced yard, and porch on two sides. Can send pictures if needed. Not listed with an agent....its my house. $169,900 Clint Wade 817-235-9570

Buj Gil Carlos

Buj Gil Carlos - Spain

Joao Carlos Bueno

Joao Carlos Bueno - Panama - Endurance Rider

Carlos Lima

Carlos Lima - Uruguay

Welcome to Wide Open Spaces!

Utah horse property is available at unbeleivable prices.

5 acre Utah horse property land lots are now available to the public. Utah has many wide open areas and you can now purchase your dream land.

5 Acre lots start at $49,900 and will be available for purchase this winter. We have 600 acres of Grazing land for fall, spring and summer along our own spring fed alfalfa production to feed horses during the winter.

The property is 90 minutes South of Salt Lake City; paved roads all the way.

Emanuele Carlo F. Giannini

Emanuele Carlo F. Giannini - Italy

Emma Carlile

Emma Carlile - Australia

Filipa Palma Carlos

Filipa Palma Carlos - Portugal

Giancarlo Alberto

Giancarlo Alberto - Italy

Giancarlo Delinna

Giancarlo Delinna - Italy

Giancarlo Guastella

Giancarlo Guastella - Italy

Giancarlo Seminari

Giancarlo Seminari - Italy

Giancarlo Ciochetti

Giancarlo Ciochetti - Italy

Giancarlo D`Aquila

Giancarlo D`Aquila - Italy

Giancarlo Gelleni

Giancarlo Gelleni - Venezuela

Giancarlo Grazioli

Giancarlo Grazioli - Italy

Giancarlo Palini

Giancarlo Palini - Italy

Carlos Morando

Carlos Morando - Argentina

The World famous Coed Coch Stud was started from very small beginnings in 1924 when the owner, Miss Brodrick and her stud groom, my great-grandfather John Jones, decided that a few mountain ponies would be useful to eat down the grasses left by the cattle and sheep. They began by buying a few ponies from Mrs Evans, a widow from Trofarth - a neighbouring village. More ponies were gradually acquired to increase the herd, including Coed Coch Eirlys - a mare who would help shape the future of the Coed Coch ponies, along with the stallion Grove Sharpshooter who when mated to Eirlys produced the bay filly Coed Coch Seren. Both Eirlys and Seren can be found in most of the pedigrees of the stud.

Gun Carlson

Gun Carlson - Sweden

Gunilla Carlson

Gunilla Carlson - Sweden

Hayley Carlson

Hayley Carlson - USA

Heather Carlson

Heather Carlson - USA

Carlos Augusto Larrere

Carlos Augusto Larrere - Argentina

Harley-by Cheveaux.. SOLD-pending payment

Harley-by is just on 12 months old.. registered 67.5% partbred arabian colt. He is very tall and gangly by Raydon Zahav..pally part bred from the big solid Anglo mare Executive Amber. I feel Harley will grow 15hh possibly taller? 3 shows for 2 broad sashes..he is halter trained..superb natured and of beautiful,correct type. He has alot of maturing to do but can be shown till he is of riding age. A true delight to own and manage. Will only sell as a colt to knowledgeable stud home or will geld in the price. $2500 firm.

Carlos Muller

Carlos Muller - Argentina

Nerwyn Eloise [2001]

Eloise is currently on lease to Mrs Angela Ward of the Britains Stud, where she has foaled a black filly, Britains Joyous Occasion.

Carlos Dominguez

Carlos Dominguez - Spain

Joao Carlos Cavalcanti

Joao Carlos Cavalcanti - Brazil

Johanna Carlsson

Johanna Carlsson - Sweden

Juan Carlos Franco Hernandez

Juan Carlos Franco Hernandez - Mexico

Juan Carlos Perez

Juan Carlos Perez - Mexico

Juan Carlos Rey

Juan Carlos Rey - Columbia

Juan Carlos Martin Del Campo

Juan Carlos Martin Del Campo - Mexico

Juan Carlos Perez Martin

Juan Carlos Perez Martin - Spain

Juan Carlos N√£‚ĄĘ√£‚ÄėEz Ara√£Ň°jo

Juan Carlos N√£‚ĄĘ√£‚ÄėEz Ara√£Ň°jo - Uruguay

Juan Carlos Perez Resendi

Juan Carlos Perez Resendi - Mexico

Juliano Loureiro Carlos

Juliano Loureiro Carlos - Brazil

Carlos Lopez

Carlos Lopez - Argentina

Conway Park Maharbi

Sire: Tooravale Idaho

Dam: Blue Gown Maybella

Pretty Chestnut gelding with the breeding and movement to match. This is a lovely upstanding pony with a great front and topline. Will be an outstanding inhand and saddle gelding.

For Sale

Imperial Havana

Sire:Imperial Juggler

Dam: Imperial Honora

We were very fortunate to purchase this lovely tall filly from Tooravale Stud. Annie will be shown in hand before joining the broodmares. Annie was purchased to be put to Tooravale Idaho in the future.

Carlota Villarrubi Jorda

Carlota Villarrubi Jorda - Spain - Showjumping | Carlota Vilarrubi Jorda 1,40 GP - Yeguada La Beata - Jaťn.

Carlota Villarrubi Jorda

Posted by Stable Express

Carlota Villarrubi Jorda

Linda Carlsson

Linda Carlsson - Sweden

Lisa Carlsen Lubitz

Lisa Carlsen Lubitz - canada

Lorenza Carlevaris

Lorenza Carlevaris - Italy

Ludivine Carlier

Ludivine Carlier - Belgium

Luis Carlo Vieira

Luis Carlo Vieira - Uruguay

Luis Carlos Aldana Molina

Luis Carlos Aldana Molina - Guam

Luis Miguel Carlos Silva

Luis Miguel Carlos Silva - Portugal

Maria Carlotta Capezzuto

Maria Carlotta Capezzuto - Italy

Carlos Ariel Larrere

Carlos Ariel Larrere - Argentina

Shelby by Cheveaux..

Shelby is a reg Arabian riding pony stallion tho is not a 2yo yet(Jan born)he has been shown once for an A class Res.Champ.

He is a smaller welsh/RP type of ARP with a seriously gorgeous head and eye..smooth bodied and great set of legs and overall nice type.

He has a good blend of Arab/welsh/RP movement.

Shel is eligible multi regos..he comes with his Arabian stallion reg or I can geld him..obviously being under 2yo he is NOT broken in yet!!

He is currently about 11.3-12hh? so i expect him to mature about 12.3hh.

I intend to cover two pony mares this season.


His sire was gelded as a 9yo as I didn`t have enough use for go onto be a 4yo child`s reliable pony club mount..he just settled into a social life with NO stallion tendencies at all..and Shels got a better nature as a colt so a definite riding pony for a child is not unlikely for this lovely little colt.

For Sale-$2500 neg.

Melissa De Carlo

Melissa De Carlo - USA

Moller Andrada-Vand Carlota

Moller Andrada-Vand Carlota - Spain

Pier Carlo Turano

Pier Carlo Turano - Italy

Rodolphe Carli

Rodolphe Carli - France

Scarlett Charles

Scarlett Charles - UK

Scarlett Poncin Germain

Scarlett Poncin Germain - France

Scarlett Ward

Scarlett Ward -

Scarlette Norman

Scarlette Norman - UK

Stefano Carli

Stefano Carli - Italy

Carlos Enrique Perez Bohm

Carlos Enrique Perez Bohm is a Columbian rider with an international jumping record with a number of horses that include Benito M, Ketchikan N and Trebon De La Nutria.

Carlos Riviere

Carlos Riviere - Venezuela = Showjumping

Carl Adamson

Carl Adamson - Australia

FLY-N-A-ARENA FOR SALE. Located along the interstate in eastern Montana. 130 acres, indoor arena, outdoor arena, box stalls with runs, open stalls with runs, awesome round pen, bucking chutes, large feedout area for roping steers. College leases facility in the winter. Two homes with garages, one of the homes less than a year old. Owners are retiring. $599,000.00 406-687-3715 OR e-mail

Borja Villalba Carlos

Borja Villalba Carlos - Spain

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Carlos Eduardo Cornejo J.

Carlos Eduardo Cornejo J. - Mexico

MG Lost My Sock - AQHA - Adam is a beautiful baby! Black and big! This little guy came on April`s Fools day, but he is definitely no prank. His mother is a young, AQHA race bred mare, who did not show. She is homozygous black, and has such a wonderful personality. She is a great young mare, who is very correct, balanced, and has a beautiful head and neck. Adam is a joy to be around, and loves people at such a young age. He will definitely stand out in the show ring. He will be nominated to the AQHA IF, NSBA, and Just for Pleasure futurities. Adam is by 2x Congress and AQHA World Champion Chocolua, who is also has a superior in Hunter under Saddle. He excelled in the fences classes, and Adam appears to have the same potential. Adam is a Ĺ brother to one of the high sellers in the AQHA World Sale. Video available. More pictures can be seen at

Siri Carl√£‚ÄįN H.

Siri Carl√£‚ÄįN H. - Norway

Carlotta Pascoli

Carlotta Pascoli is a showjumping rider from Italy, below you can watch Carlotta Pascoli in action riding Chatto in the National A5 1.30m m at San Lazzaro di Savena.

Nick Skelton & Apollo winning 1988 Hickstead Derby

Colt Foals For Sale
Carlotta Pascoli

Carlos Salvador Conti

Carlos Salvador Conti - Argentina

The Ranch

Unparalleled in Sonoma County, we offer:

Indoor Lighted Arena (100` x 130`)

Indoor Lighted Arena (50` x 70`)

Rectangular Outdoor Lighted Arena (180` x 140`)

Square Outdoor Arena (140` x 140`)

Large Round Arena (154` diameter)

Round Pen (48` diameter)

Three Warm Water Washrack Areas

Ten Separate Tack Rooms

Two acre riding pasture with trail course

Boarding Accommodations:


Paddocks with partial cover

Paddocks with full cover

Stalls (rubber mat floor and shavings)

Stalls with adjacent paddock

English and Western riding instruction available

Horse training available

Horses for sale and lease

Clean, friendly and conveniently located

Owner operated with 24 hour security

Reasonable rates<

Carlo 273 Breeding

Carlitos Polo

Dundee Training Stables - Tracey Dikkers and Carl Reiche

Dundee Training Stable is a full service breeding and training barn specializing in Arabian and Half-Arabian show horses and all breed dressage horses, and have trained and shown Arabians to the National level.


Dundee offers quality, non-stressful training and showing in halter, driving, hunt, western, english, and dressage. Whether seeking a reliable trail mount or a Class A Arabian competition horse, Dundee will treat you and your horse with respect. We encourage you to read more about Dundee`s training program .

We are currently standing two stallions at stud:

Tali Fahl (Saud El Sahib x Tirafia) is a multi-champion in Country English Pleasure, Native Costume, Liberty, Halter, and Show Hack, including a Region 10 Top Five Show Hack title. Tali is a true black, Egyptian-related stallion who has produced Regional qualifying offspring in halter and performance. You can see and read more about Tali and his offspring on Tali`s Page.

CN Jericho (Thee Desperado x Jubillee (by The Minstril). Jericho is a chestnut straight Egyptian halter champion who is also being successfully campaigned as a Western Pleasure Horse. Jericho`s foals are proving to be tall, upright, balanced, and have a nice free moving trot. See and read more about Jericho and his offspring on Jericho`s Page.


We have a number of quality individuals for sale. Please see our Sales List for further information.

Tracey Dikkers and Carl Reiche
N6482 Silver Road
Monticello, WI 53570
(608) 938-2410

Thomas Carlile

Thomas Carlile - France | Thomas Carlile & Upsilon - VICES CHAMPIONS DU MONDE.


Thomas Carlile & Upsilon - VICES CHAMPIONS DU MONDE

Posted by Stable Express

Thomas Carlile
Showjumping Horses For Sale

Ana Carla Maciel

Ana Carla Maciel is a Brazilian endurance rider who is ranked in the top 50 riders in the world. Ana Carla Maciel rode her horse Gr Primentinha in the 2005 and the 2007 world championships and in 2014 represented Brazil at the world equestrian games.

Estelle Campground in Pigeon Mountain WMA - (LaFayette, GA): Wildlife management area with perhaps 100 miles of trails for hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking. Camping allowed in Estelle campground or other designated areas only. There is water along the trails for watering horses. Trails are multi-use to be shared with hikers and bicyclists. A trail map is available at There is no riding allowed during deer hunting season. Contact for information: Archie Butler 706-539-2831 or Cindy Day 706-539-1060. Directions: From Atlanta take I-75 north to the 2nd Resaca exit. Take a left onto Hwy 136 west. Stay on 136 all the way to LaFayette. Be cautious going over the mountain ridges on 136. Go into downtown LaFayette. When you get to the center of town, turn left at red light. Go to 2nd red light, turn right onto Hwy 193 (west). From this turn, go about 7 miles. You will go over another mountain ridge before the campground. There is a brown sign for Estelle Campground on the left. Camping area is a fescue field with a gravel road going in a circle through it.

Carlos Gustavo Brito-Riefkohl

Carlos Gustavo Brito-Riefkohl - Puerto Rico

Cowhand Special
Conformation And Performance That Live Up To His Pedigree

Cowhand Special is a sixteen hand AQHA buckskin stallion who is the complete package - both on paper and in the flesh. He has generations of proven performance horses in his pedigree, tracing back to the foundation legends of the Quarter Horse breed. He, himself is the the fifth generation of Fowles Cattle Company bred stallions that proved themselves as working ranch horses before they became breeding animals. How many horse breeders have a record like that - five generations of horses that had to exceed expectations as superior riders before they entered the breeding shed! There are class winners, futurity champions, and money earners throughout this stallion`s pedigree.

Cowhand Special is athletic, a soft mover, balanced and full of cow. Everything you could ever want in a riding horse. His disposition is phenomenal, he`s always ready to please and asking what he can do next. Plus he has that most sought after buckskin color as a bonus! Cowhand is currently following cattle and will be hauled and shown after the 2004 breeding season. Owned by Calvin Emig.

Carlotta Marin

Carlotta Marin - Italy

Listed on this page are Filly`s Colts Mares and Stallion for sale and ready for import.

Lisa from Coventry Park Gypsy Cobs has spent her whole life with the Gypsy Horses and has met many a breeder, Coventry Park is a highly respected stud not only in Australia but back home in the UK and would like to see the best of the very best brought into Australia, we will only ever list for sale from other breeders what we would welcome into our herd ourselves.

If you dont see what you are looking for on this page please contact us as we are sent information on sales daily but dont always have the time to list them on here, contact Lisa at we will be more than happy to direct you to the right place for the perfect cob for you.

We are very excited to inform you that Coventry Park Gypsy Cobs have a huge selection of for sale stock awaiting your viewing these beautiful cobs are ready for import please contact Lisa at for photos and information from a world renown top UK breeder.

Carlos Torrell Jane

Carlos Torrell Jane - Spain

Carly Brown

Carly Brown - Australia

Carlos Edgardo Rodr√£¬ćGuez

Carlos Edgardo Rodr√£¬ćGuez - Argentina

Sarahn Satalight

Sire - Brampton Sinbad (Pure Welsh) Dam - Richdale Shantilly (Pure Arabian)


13.2hh Buckskin Australian Arabian pony, Riding pony & Part welsh.

We are very proud to announce that Sarahn Satalight (aka"Harley") will be coming to join the Grisham Hill show team April of 2009. We can`t wait to get him over here to become part of our family and start showing him off to the USA. Harley will be the only Australian Arabian pony buckskin colt in the country and I`m sure he will do Australia proud.

Sarahn Satalight is proudly sponsored by Tuffrock and we hope now that he is on the conditioner plus supplement that it will help "Harley" travel better and keep condition on his long trip to the Phoenix Arizona.

Carlos Fierro Olalquiaga

   Carlos Fierro Olalquiaga is a talented young rider from showjumper who competes internationally under FEI rules. horses competed by Carlos Fierro Olalquiaga includes Bunder & Coco 97.
Carlos Fierro Olalquiaga
Coloured Stallions
Coloured Stallions At Stud
Top level international equestrian sports of showjumping stallions Fernando & Kannan, High Offley Stud (Staffordshire). Call: 07811 329229 - Email:

Carlos Santos

Carlos Santos - Uruguay - Endurance Rider

Carlos Sueiras

Carlos Sueiras - Guam - EventingCarlos Sueiras

Clementine Carlet

Clementine Carlet - France - Showjumpin

Carlos Comas

Carlos Comas - Uruguay - Endurance Rider

Carlos Tapia

Carlos Tapia - Ecuador - Showjumping

Juan Carlos Alvarez Del Castillo B.

Juan Carlos Alvarez Del Castillo B. - Mexico - Showjumping

Juan Carlos Camero

Juan Carlos Camero - Venezuela - Showjumping

Sandra Carlsson

Sandra Carlsson - Sweden - Showjumping

Juan Carlos Cueva Infiesta

Juan Carlos Cueva Infiesta - Spain - Endurance Rider

Juan Carlos Contreras

Juan Carlos Contreras - Columbia - Showjumping

Carlie Thompson

Carlie Thompson is a reining rider from America, below you can watch Carlie Thompson riding Sheza the Master.


Carlie Thompson - Sheza the Master

Posted by Stable Express

Carlie Thompson

Carlotta Toffali

Carlotta Toffali is a showjumping rider from Italy

Carlotta Toffali

Carlotta Toffali

Carlos Eduardo Gomes Coelho

Carlos Eduardo Gomes Coelho - Brazil - Endurance Rider
Carlos Eduardo Gomes Coelho

Roine Carlsson

Showjumping rider Roine Carlsson from Sweden, who has been riding since the age of 10, during his career he has many successes in his homeland of Sweden and internationally. Amony Roine`s victories he won the Folksam Scandinavia Open, winning Champion of the Youngsters several times and also winning up to 1.40m.

Below you can watch Roine Carlsson riding Don Juan`s Gasaya in a 1.30m competition on the Mediterranean tour.

Roine Carlsson

Carlos Del Castillo

Carlos Del Castillo - Spain - Dressage Rider

Carlotta Mattei

Carlotta Mattei - Italy - ShowjumpingCarlotta

Carly Stephenson

Carly Stephenson - UK - Eventing

Sofia Carlsson

Sofia Carlsson - Sweden - Dressage Rider

Carlos Del Castillo Charlan

Carlos Del Castillo Charlan - Spain - Dressage Rider

Carlota Romero

Carlota Romero - Venezuela - Showjumping

Bastien Carlier

Bastien Carlier - France - EventingBastien Carlier

Carlos Briosso

Carlos Briosso - Uruguay - Endurance Rider

Carlos Eduardo Paro

Carlos Eduardo Paro - Brazil - Eventing
Carlos Eduardo Paro

Carlos Bier Gerdau Johannpeter

Carlos Bier Gerdau Johannpeter - Brazil - Showjumping

Viktoria Carl

Viktoria Carl - Germany - Dressage Rider

Carlo Formica

Carlo Formica - Italy - Endurance Rider

Carlos Mendez

Carlos Mendez - Chile - Endurance Rider

Carlos Villarroel

Carlos Villarroel - Chile - Eventing

Carlos Campos

Carlos Campos - Portugal

Carlos Campos Horses

Ulla de Lancome

Carlos Campos Competition Results

13 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1972 - Ulla de Lancome

Carlos Catalan

Carlos Catalan - Spain - Showjumping

Berardino Di Carlo

Berardino Di Carlo - Italy - Showjumping

Carlo Malica

Carlo Malica - Italy - ShowjumpingCarlo Malica

Carlota Agustin Jimenez

Carlota Agustin Jimenez - Spain - Endurance rider

Carlos Rosa

Carlos Rosa - Portugal - Showjumping

Juan Carlos Jeria

Juan Carlos Jeria - Chile - Endurance Rider

Carly Milbank

Carly Milbank - UK - Showjumping

Carlos Borja Villalba

Carlos Borja Villalba - Spain - Showjumping

Carlos Alberto S√£‚ā¨ Grise

Carlos Alberto S√£‚ā¨ Grise - Brazil - Eventing

Carlotta Mathieu

Carlotta Mathieu - Germany - Horse Vaulting

Carlotta Viola

Carlotta Viola - Italy - ShowjumpingCarlotta

Annica Carlson

Annica Carlson - USA - DrivingAnnica

Joã£O Carlos Ferreira Dos Santos

Jo√££O Carlos Ferreira Dos Santos - Portugal - Showjumping

Juan Carlos Cuenca Montes

Juan Carlos Cuenca Montes - Spain - ShowjumpingJuan

Carlos Apolinario

Carlos Apolinario - Portugal - Horse Driving

Carlos Calvo Lejarraga

Carlos Calvo Lejarraga - Spain - Endurance Rider Carlos Calvo Lejarraga

Carly Reid

Carly Reid - UK - EventingCarly Reid

Carly-Mae Pye

Carly-Mae Pye - Australia - EventingCarly-Mae Pye

Carlos Estrada

Carlos Estrada - El Salvador - Eventing

Carlos Paro

Carlos Paro - Brazil - EventingCarlos Paro

Carlos Ramirez

Carlos Ramirez - Columbia - Showjumping

Marco Carlo Montorsi

Marco Carlo Montorsi - Italy Marco

Carlotta Hassenb√£Ňďrger

Carlotta Hassenb√£Ňďrger - Germany - Dressage Rider

Carlos Bertinat

Carlos Bertinat - Uruguay - Endurance Rider

Carlotta Maschera

Carlotta Maschera - Italy - Showjumping

Carla Lombardi Massenzi

Carla Lombardi Massenzi - Brazil - Horse Vaulting

Carlos Flores Vazquez

Carlos Flores Vazquez - Mexico - ShowjumpingCarlos Flores Vazquez

Carlos Narvaez

Carlos Narvaez - Ecuador

Carlos Sanjuan Fandos

Carlos Sanjuan Fandos - Spain - Horse Driving

Jose Carlos Castillo Mu√£‚ÄėOz

Jose Carlos Castillo Mu√£‚ÄėOz - Spain

Juan Carlos Rodriguez Fernandez

Juan Carlos Rodriguez Fernandez - Spain - ShowjumpingJuan

Carlos Enrique Camps Rold√£¬ĀN

Carlos Enrique Camps Rold√£¬ĀN - Uruguay - Endurance Rider

Carlos Ernesto Arias Haussler

Carlos Ernesto Arias Haussler - Guam - Showjumping

Carlos Morochz

Carlos Morochz - Ecuador - Showjumping

Juan Carlos Leon Torres

Juan Carlos Leon Torres - Mexico - Reining

Marco Carli

Marco Carli - Italy - ShowjumpingMarco

Thierry Carle

Thierry Carle - France - Eventing

Carlos Villar

Carlos Villar - Uruguay - Endurance Rider

Juan Carlos Franco

Juan Carlos Franco - Mexico - Showjumping

Carlotta Breda

Carlotta Breda - Italy - ShowjumpingCarlotta Breda

Carlotta Villani

Carlotta Villani - Italy - Showjumping

Carly Anthony

Carly Anthony - USA - Showjumping | Chacco - Carly Anthony

Carly Anthony

Laurence Carle

Laurence Carle - France - Showjumping

Maeva Carles

Maeva Carles - France - Endurance Rider

Carlos Ra√£Ň°l Chaine Calabria

Carlos Ra√£Ň°l Chaine Calabria - Uruguay - Eventing

Carlotta Marconi

Carlotta Marconi - Italy - Dressage Rider

Siri Carlen

Siri Carlen - Norway - Showjumping

Lazaro Carlos Hernande Lima

Lazaro Carlos Hernande Lima - Cuba - Showjumping

Orla Carley

Orla Carley - Ireland - EventingOrla Carley

Carlos Rodriguez

Carlos Rodriguez - Uruguay - Endurance Rider

Juan Carlos Sanchez Herrera

Juan Carlos Sanchez Herrera - Spain - Endurance RiderJuan

Carlotta Zucco

Carlotta Zucco - Italy - ShowjumpingCarlotta Zucco

Carlotta Amistani

Carlotta Amistani - Italy - Showjumping

Carloyn Robertson

Carloyn Robertson - UK - Eventing

Carly Taylor Smith

Carly Taylor Smith - UK - ShowjumpingCarly

Juan Carlos Garcia

Juan Carlos Garcia is an international show jumping rider, below you can see him in the 2009 nations cup in Dublin with his horse Hamilton De Perhet

Juan Carlos Garcia

Juan Carlos Garcia Horses

† † † Albin III
† † †† † †Hidalgo de Riou x Le Potelet (01/01/1988)
† † † Buenos Aires
† † †† † †Bolero x - (- )
† † † Elan d¬īHonvault
† † †† † †- x - (- )
† † † Feofar De Rhodes
† † †† † †Stew Boy x - (01/01/1993)
† † † Loro Piana Albin III
† † †† † †- x - (- )
† † † Loro Piana Feofar de Rhodes
† † †† † †- x - (- )
† † † Loro Piana Nyranka
† † †† † †- x - (- )
† † † Mar del Plata
† † †† † †- x - (- )
† † † Markgraaf
† † †† † †- x - (- )
† † † Natuurlijk
† † †† † †- x - (- )
† † † Quel Type d‚ÄôElle
† † †† † †Jalisco B x - (1982 )
† † † Toronto Van De Padenborre
† † †† † †Ohio x - (01/01/1996)

Juan Carlos Garcia Competition Results

35 - World Equestrian Games, Round 2 - Team final and 2 indiv. Two rounds - 31/08/2006 - Loro Piana Albin III
38 - World Equestrian Games, Round 1 - Team final and 2 indiv. Two rounds - 30/08/2006 - Loro Piana Albin III
79 - World Equestrian Games, Team and individual Speed and handiness - 29/08/2006 - Loro Piana Albin III
32 - Rome, 1.45 Two phases - 28/05/2006 - Markgraaf
36 - Rome, Rome Grand Prix - 28/05/2006 - Toronto Van De Padenborre
22 - Rome, 1.50 Mixed comp - 27/05/2006 - Markgraaf
5 - Rome, Nations Cup - 26/05/2006 - Albin III
5 - Rome, 1.45 Mixed comp. - 26/05/2006 - Toronto Van De Padenborre
5 - Rome, 1.45 Two phases - 25/05/2006 - Toronto Van De Padenborre
56 - Rome, 1.40 Against the clock - 25/05/2006 - Albin III
26 - Rome, 1.50 Against the clock - 25/05/2006 - Markgraaf
9 - Rome, Six Bar - 25/05/2006 - Feofar De Rhodes
29 - `S-Hertogenbosch, Brabants Dagblad Prijs - 24/03/2006 - Albin III
11 - Vigo, Premio Chevika - 12/02/2006 - Feofar De Rhodes
7 - Vigo, Gran Premio Concello De Vigo - 12/02/2006 - Toronto Van De Padenborre
12 - Vigo, World Cup Qualifier - 11/02/2006 - Albin III
23 - Bordeaux, Grand Prix - 05/02/2006 - Toronto Van De Padenborre
4 - Bordeaux, Prix Foire Internationale de Bordeaux - Accumulator - 05/02/2006 - Loro Piana Feofar de Rhodes
16 - Bordeaux, Prix France Info France Bleu Gironde - 04/02/2006 - Loro Piana Feofar de Rhodes
22 - Bordeaux, Prix Equidia - 04/02/2006 - Toronto Van De Padenborre
1 - Bordeaux, World Cup Qualifier - 04/02/2006 - Loro Piana Albin III
6 - Bordeaux, Six Bar - 03/02/2006 - Feofar De Rhodes
11 - Bordeaux, World Cup Preliminary Round - 03/02/2006 - Toronto Van De Padenborre
9 - Bordeaux, Prix du Club des Leaders - 03/02/2006 - Loro Piana Albin III
20 - Mechelen, Prix Flanders on Ice - 1.45 Mixed comp. - 30/12/2005 - Feofar De Rhodes
19 - Mechelen, World Cup Qualifier - 30/12/2005 - Toronto Van De Padenborre
35 - Mechelen, Mechelen Grand Prix - 29/12/2005 - Loro Piana Nyranka
23 - Mechelen, Prix AA Drink - 1.40 Mixed comp. - 29/12/2005 - Feofar De Rhodes
13 - Mechelen, World Cup Preliminary Round - 28/12/2005 - Toronto Van De Padenborre
31 - Mechelen, Prix Ifor Williams - 1.40 Mixed comp. - 28/12/2005 - Loro Piana Nyranka
2 - Mechelen, Prix Keukens Geens - 1.40 Two phases - 27/12/2005 - Loro Piana Nyranka
4 - Mechelen, Prix Flandria Rent - 1.45 Mixed comp. - 27/12/2005 - Toronto Van De Padenborre
1 - Mechelen, Six Bar - 27/12/2005 - Feofar De Rhodes
31 - Stuttgart, World Cup Qualifier - 20/11/2005 - Loro Piana Albin III
26 - Stuttgart, Preis der S-plus Umweltservice GmbH - 1.60 Mixed comp - 19/11/2005 - Toronto Van De Padenborre
13 - Stuttgart, Prelimary World Cup Qualifer - 18/11/2005 - Loro Piana Albin III
19 - Stuttgart, Preis der Raumpflege AG - 1.50 Against the clock - 18/11/2005 - Toronto Van De Padenborre
26 - Stuttgart, 1.60 Speed and handiness - 17/11/2005 - Loro Piana Nyranka
18 - Geneva, Prix les Restaurants de Geneva - 1.40 Tempo - 11/11/2005 - Toronto Van De Padenborre
6 - Geneva, World Cup Qualifier - 11/11/2005 - Loro Piana Albin III
13 - Geneva, Prix Amag Geneve - 1.50 Gabbie - 10/11/2005 - Toronto Van De Padenborre
1 - Geneva, Prix Clarins Accumulator - 10/11/2005 - Loro Piana Nyranka
9 - Geneva, Knock Out - 09/11/2005 - Loro Piana Nyranka
21 - Geneva, World Cup Preliminary Round - 09/11/2005 - Loro Piana Albin III
51 - Geneva, Prix des Communes Genevoises - 1.40 Tempo - 09/11/2005 - Loro Piana Nyranka
57 - Geneva, Prix du Léman - 1.35 Tempo - 08/11/2005 - Loro Piana Albin III
25 - Geneva, Prix En Chatillon - Grande Chasse - 1.40 Tempo tab.C - 08/11/2005 - Toronto Van De Padenborre
29 - Geneva, Prix Zschokke - 1.45 Fasi cons - 08/11/2005 - Loro Piana Nyranka
08 - Olympics, Team - 27/08/2004 - Albin III
16 - Olympics, Individual - 27/08/2004 - Albin III
01 - Cinzano, 1.30 Two ph. - tab. A/C - 28/06/2003 - Natuurlijk
01 - Cinzano, Grand Prix Two rounds - 29/06/2002 - Elan d¬īHonvault
01 - Bologna, Coppa Rolo Banca - 23/02/1996 - Mar del Plata
25 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1992 - Quel Type d’Elle
51 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1988 - Buenos Aires

Juan Carlos Garcia

Scarlett Worrow

British showjumping rider Scarlett Worrow, below is Scarlett-Octavia Worrow`s riding the mare Diretto jumping double clear and coming 4th in a competitive £200 open at Chard Equestrian on Saturday.

Scarlett Worrow


International jumping stallion Zucarlos (KWPN) sired by Casco, below you can watch a video of Zucarlos in action

Zucarlos- jumping stallion (KWPN) by Casco

Stefano Carli Donaudy

Stefano Carli Donaudy - Italy - Showjumping Stefano

Don Carlos

Don Carlos is an equestrian sport sire with progeny competing in both showjumping and dressage, born in 1962 Don Carlos is a son of Dominik out of the mare Fasanenmoos who is a daughter of Farina.
Don Carlos

Kovalam This captivating strip of golden sands is fastened with the rich greenery of coconut palms. An earlier fishing village, Kovalam is just 16 kms away from Trivandrum, Kerala`s capital city. Kovalam is an evergreen and pleasing climatic beach resort. It is a dreamy place for tourists all over the world.

Carlos Motta Ribas

Brazilian showjumping rider Carlos Motta Ribas

Carlos Motta Ribas

Carlos Bosch Cebrian

Spanish show jumping rider Carlos Bosch Cebrian, watch him in action riding the stallion Zandor Z

Carlos Bosch Cebrian
Showjumping Horses For Sale

Dana Carlin

Dana Carlin is an event rider from Canada, below you can watch Dana in action riding Domestic Dispute at the one star CIC event at Ocala. Dana`s also competed internationally with the horse As Time Goes (Mill Native x Cougar II). By

Carlos Branquinho

Carlos Branquinho - Portugal - Dressage RiderCarlos Branquinho

Paolo Carloni

Paolo Carloni - Italy - Showjumping

Carlos Pinto

Carlos Pinto - Portugal - Dressage Rider

Carlos Alberto Dos Santos Cruz

Carlos Alberto Dos Santos Cruz - Brazil - Eventing

Carly Helmerick

Carly Helmerick - USA - Eventing

Giancarlo Orlandi

Giancarlo Orlandi - Italy - Showjumping

Michela Carlet

Michela Carlet - Italy - Endurance RiderMichela

Juan Carlos Ruiz De Villa Fernandez

Juan Carlos Ruiz De Villa Fernandez is an Endurance Rider from Spain who is one of the worlds leading riders in the world, horse competed by Juan Carlos Ruiz De Villa Fernandez include AGATE DE GHAZAL, CASSIOPEE DE MORGANE, CASTLEBAR OUTLAW, CONDEROSA AGAMEMNON, DON DEL REY, JYKII JACK DU VENT, PIROS DE FONTANEL & THOR