CCTV Cameras

Modern CCTV camera`s can be a great security addition to an equestrian property, keeping an an eye on your stable yard, horses, lorry, trailers and tack when you are not there. New CCTV camera`s offer can allow you to access your camera feed over the internet with real time motion detection alerts. CCTV camera`s can also be a useful addition for foaling boxes and for horses who are injured or sick, allowing you to keep an eye on them from inside your home.

CCTV Cameras

King Leader Security

King Leader is a professional provider of CCTV products and CCTV system solutions.

As the provider of CCTV products, we have plentiful experiences and resource to meet theb demand from different market levels around the global, we provide products at Low cost / Middle range / High-end level for our customers. Especially our experienced Technical, Production and Marketing staffs work together as a team to develop new products by our own project or customers requirement. The new products with attractive appearance as well as advanced engineering really help our customers to create more business.

As the provider of CCTV system solutions, we have over 6 years experience to cooperate with some famous brands, such as BOSCH, HONEYWELL, SAMSUNG, SONY, AMX, EV, JBL, etc. We have plentiful experience to do many projects in China. We have plentiful experience to provide customers one-stop service, weak intelligence, multimedia conferencing, intelligent home solutions.

We provide one-stop shopping service for all CCTV related products in high quality and reliability, including CCD Cameras, Digital Video Recorders (DVR), Video Processors, Display Monitors, CCTV Lenses and other CCTV accessories. Besides, we fully back up our global customers by offering them strong technical support, timely after-sale service, soonest delivery and efficient sales people service.

OEM/ODM solution is also provided to make private label products based on customer`s specification or King Leader`s customized design, at reasonable prices.

King Leader, a reliable name you can always trust for your CCTV needs.

Address: 2107-2108 Room 21/F, Hua Fu Building, News Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China, 518034
Tel: +86 (755) 82908787/ 83152782


Microsan Security

Bringing you the latest technologies in networked security Meaning your home and businesses are safe and secure no matter where you are in the world.

Helping you protect the things that matter the most.

Keep an eye on things, from anywhere in the world
Keeping your property safe is more than just keeping unwanted people out. With Microsan`s security solutions for homes and businesses, you can monitor and control who enters and leaves your premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CCTV IP Cameras
Our networked CCTV cameras and access control systems enable you to feel safer with a simple touch of a button. Front door cameras transmit video to any screen in the house, enabling you to see who`s calling, and intercoms let you speak to callers without you even having to answer the door.

Biometric Security Solution
You could fortify your defences even more with a Biometric Security solution. Biometric technology allows you to tell the identification of a person using a variety of methods in particular Microsan can provide you with iris scanners and face recognition solutions.

52 Steward Street, Ladywood, Birmingham, B18 7AE
Telephone: 0800 313 4548
Email: security@microsansecurity.com