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Bruce Menzies

Bruce Menzies was stable jockey for Irish International show jumper Peter Charles for two years. He has competed both nationally and internationally and is now concentrating on producing a team of young horses along with his team of international horses.

Bruce has was selected onto the "World Class Show Jumping Equine Pathway" with two horses. The Pathway seeks to identify horses which have the potential to be medal-winning at the Olympics in 2012 and at Championships beyond this. Support is provided by the BSJA to help us maximise the horses` potential with access to world class Coaches, physiotherapists, vets etc.

Below you can watch Bruce at the HOYS with Old Lodge`s horse Sultan who he produced from a young horse to grand prix`s, Sultan would go on to compete at the Olympics representing Saudi Arabia.

Bruce Menzies

Bruce Menzies Horses

Sultan, ULISINA, Utah Van Erpekom (LANDETTO)

Below is a Bruce Menzies competing grand prix showjumping horse Sultan V
Sultan V - Bruce Menzies

Bruce Menzies Competition Results

4 - Mantes la Jolie, Prix Du Conseil Géné... - 10/06/2010 - Sultan
12 - Mantes la Jolie, Prix Du Conseil Géné... - 10/06/2010 - Utah Van Erpekom
11 - Mantes la Jolie, Prix Arc Promotion - 10/06/2010 - Sultan
23 - Mantes la Jolie, Prix Arc Promotion - 10/06/2010 - Utah Van Erpekom
16 - Mantes la Jolie, Gp De La Ville De Ma... - 10/06/2010 - Sultan
23 - Vilamoura Tour, Gp - 13/04/2010 - Utah Van Erpekom
7 - Vilamoura Tour, Gp - 13/04/2010 - Sultan
4 - Vilamoura Tour, Gp - 06/04/2010 - Sultan
22 - Vilamoura Tour, Gp - 30/03/2010 - Sultan
20 - Vilamoura Tour, Gp - 23/03/2010 - Sultan
12 - Horse Of The Year Show, 6 Year Old Championship - 08/10/2004 - ULISINA

Bruce Menzies with a young horse Clouseau competing in the 5 year old championship class at Hickstead.Clouseau

Bruce Menzies

Bruce Dewar

Bruce Dewar - South AfricaBruce Dewar

Bruce Goodon

Bruce Goodon - NewZealandBruce Goodon

Bruce Hobbs

Bruce Hobbs - Bruce Hobbs

Bruce Lawrence

Bruce Lawrence - UKBruce Lawrence

Bruce Middleton

Bruce Middleton - UKBruce Middleton

Nayef Naser Jumaah

Nayef Naser Jumaah - Saudi ArabiaNayef Naser Jumaah

My Boy Bobby

Bruce Davidson Jr on My Boy Bobby

My Boy Bobby


Isaac is an international showjumping horse sired by the stallion Feliciano and competed by Royne Zetterman. Below you can watch the pair representing Sweden in the Nation cup competition.

Sired by Feliciano


Iain Bruce

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Iain Bruce - Australia - Horse Rider | We have limited information on Iain Bruce, help us expand our rider profile, please email us at to help us expand this rider profile. Iain Bruce

Siena Knight Bruce

Siena Knight Bruce - UK - Eventing Rider Siena

Ljudmila Nikitina

Ljudmila Nikitina - Russia - Endurance RiderLjudmila Nikitina

Jules Carnejac

Jules Carnejac - France - Showjumping Rider Jules Carnejac

Quentin Haines

Quentin Haines - New Zealand - Eventing Rider Quentin Haines

Tessy Maertens

Tessy Maertens - Belgium - Horse Vaulting

Mathieu Deumier

Mathieu Deumier - France - Showjumping RiderMathieu Deumier

Anna Bruce

Anna Bruce - UK Anna

Maurice Bruce

Maurice Bruce Horses


Maurice Bruce Competition Results

10 - League Final Pacific Werribee, VIC (AUS), GP - 18/11/2005 - NEVERSFELDE FEUER
09 - League Final Pacific Werribee, VIC (AUS), GPKür - 18/11/2005 - NEVERSFELDE FEUER
10 - Sydney (AUS), GPKür - 21/10/2005 - NEVERSFELDE FEUER
11 - Sydney (AUS), GP - 21/10/2005 - NEVERSFELDE FEUER

M Thiouin

M Thiouin - France

M Thiouin Horses

Guy De Fougere

M Thiouin Competition Results

01 - Vejer de la Frontera (Spanish Sunshine Tour), Week 3 - Speed - B - 28/02/2002 - Guy De Fougere

Bruce Hansen

Bruce Hansen - New ZealandBruce HansenBruce Hansen on Tide. 1967

Bruce Hansen Horses


Bruce Hansen Competition Results

31 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1964 - Tide

Bruce Mandeville

Bruce Mandeville - Canada - Eventing Rider Bruce