Bastien Pellegrin

Bastien Pellegrin is a showjumping rider from France with a proven record producing young horses from novice through the grades to compete in open competitions internationally.
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Bastien Pellegrin

  • Metall


    Dressage stallion Metall sired by Olympic Ferro, sire of olympic gold medal winner Utopia, competed by British rider Carl Hester.
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    Gortfree Lakeside Lad, ridden by Linda Murphy, the Champion Performance Irish Draught at Dublin Horse Show | Irish Draught Horses For Sale / Irish Draught Stallions At Stud
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Sebastien Brosse

Sebastien Brosse - FranceSebastien Brosse

Sebastien Naudts

Sebastien Naudts - France - Showjumping Rider Sebastien Naudts

Sebastien Arbon

Sebastien Arbon - France - Showjumping RiderSebastien Arbon

Sebastien Spriet

Sebastien Spriet - France - Showjumping Rider

Sebastien Garibaldi

Sebastien Garibaldi - France - Showjumping Rider

Sebastien Cavaillon

Sebastien Cavaillon - France - Eventing Sebastien

Sebastien Dupire

Sebastien Dupire - France - Endurance Rider

Sebastien Vincent

Sebastien Vincent - France - Horse Driving Sebastien Vincent

Sebastien Pallen

Sebastien Pallen - Belgium - Horse Driving

Sebastien Poirier

Sebastien Poirier - France

Sebastien Pellon - Maison

Sebastien Pellon - Maison - Argentina - Showjumping Rider Sebastien

Sebastien Batillat

Sebastien Batillat - France - Showjumping Rider Sebastien

Sebastien Delaporte

Sebastien Delaporte - France - Showjumping Rider Sebastien

Sebastien Goyheneix

Sebastien Goyheneix - FranceSebastien Goyheneix

Sebastien Le Labourier

Sebastien Le Labourier - France - Endurance Rider

Bastien Theotime

Bastien Theotime - France - Showjumping
Bastien Theotime

Bastien Granger

Bastien Granger - France - Showjumping Rider

Sã©Bastien Poirier

Sã©Bastien Poirier - Switzerland

Sã©Bastien Berthet

Sã©Bastien Berthet - France

Bastien Bourgeois

Bastien Bourgeois - France - Reining Bastien Bourgeois

Sã©Bastien Brogniez

Sã©Bastien Brogniez - France

Sebastien Eteve

Sebastien Eteve - France - Horse Driving

Bastien Bauer

Bastien Bauer is a French showjumping rider, born 26th September 1985


Sebastien Desbrosse

Sebastien Desbrosse - France - Endurance Rider

Sebastien Campas

Sebastien Campas - France - Showjumping Rider Sebastien

Sebastien Metayer

Sebastien Metayer - France - Showjumping Rider

Sebastien Cadic

Sebastien Cadic - France - Endurance Rider

Sebastien Dayet

Sebastien Dayet - France - Eventing Rider

Sebastien Rouchy

Sebastien Rouchy - France - Endurance Rider

Sebastien Dauvergne

Sebastien Dauvergne - France - Showjumping Rider

Sebastien Bourlot

Sebastien Bourlot - France - Showjumping Rider Sebastien Bourlot

Sebastien Berlemont

Sebastien Berlemont - Belgium - Showjumping Rider Sebastien

Sebastien Cazaux

Sebastien Cazaux - France - Showjumping Rider

Sebastien Cheves Weber

Sebastien Cheves Weber - Guam - Showjumping Rider

Sebastien Sevillon

Sebastien Sevillon - France - Endurance Rider

Sebastien Chabrol

Sebastien Chabrol - France - Showjumping Rider

Sebastien Serveau

Sebastien Serveau - France - Showjumping Rider