Barton Lee Patrick, Belfast, Maine - Dressage

A Visit to the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria when I was eight years old planted the seed for what was to become the major focus of my life seeing the grace and fluidity of these magnificent Lipizzaner Stallions as they performed Dressage movements was an unforgettable experience. Back in South Florida where I grew up I had my own horse but had to be content with trail riding. However having the sole responsibility of being a horse owner taught me a great deal about horsemanship.

It was when my family moved to mid coast Maine that I was exposed to Dressage under the best of circumstances. My first riding instructor was affiliated with the nearby Rockefeller barn. She not only taught me the skills needed in Dressage but impressed upon me the respect for the sport itself. This involved taking excellent care of my horse and equipment. Both Rider and mount must be perfectly groomed for every performance. I have since had a number of quality instructors who have helped me reach the goals I set for myself.

Barton Lee Patrick
In Addition to riding I graduated with Honors from the University of Maine with a Degree in Sociology. Along with my University training I have developed an understanding of how being involved with horses can help change a young person’s focus on addiction and lead to a more purposeful life. I have also been involved with Horse Rescue and retraining. My passion is horses-my life continues to be a learning experience.

My own facility, The Belfast Polo Club is located in a quiet setting surrounded by mountain views and stunning sunsets; sea coast access is just minutes away and provides summertime breezes and fairly mild winters.

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Barton Lee Patrick, Belfast, Maine - Dressage
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