Annette Lewis

Annette Lewis is a lady showjumping rider from Essex who has had a fantastic jumping career. Annette began riding at an early age competing in the ring at just four years of age, by the time she was six she was riding 14.2hh ponies and was soon winning major pony championships, including the 148cm class at the NEC, Birmingham International and the Royal international at wembley.

Annette has represented the United kingdom at the junior Europeans, as a senior rider Annette Lewis continued to have success representing Great Britain in multiple nation cups . Successes include winning the Royal Windsor grand prix, 2nd two years running in the Queen Elizabeth cup at Hickstead and the derby trial.

As well as a successful jumping career Annette Lewis has also offered training to many students over the last 15+ yeas, she is an accredited British showjumping coach.

Annette Lewis
Annette Lewis - Olympia International Horse Show Jump-Off

Annette Lewis

Annette Lau

Annette Lau - Denmark

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Marie-Jeanette Steinle

Marie-Jeanette Steinle - Germany - Eventing / Horses competed by Marie-Jeanette Steinle include SILENT APPEAL, KING SALMON,CLASSIC S and TRAQUE LE VENT.


Joost x Sanette, -Asanette

Jeanette De Bree

Jeanette De Bree - Holland - Showjumping RiderJeanette De Bree


Ramiro Z x Asanette, -


Zuidhorn x -, WARMBLOOD -


- x -, -


Benvenuto x Pari-Fine, -


Enfant De Normandie x -, -


Donauwind x -, TRAKEHNER -


- x -, -


- x -, -


- x -, -

Annette Hãœlsmann

Annette Hãœlsmann - Germany - Showjumping Rider


Raimond x -, -

Anette Spadhe

Anette Spadhe - Sweden

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Anette Hamre

Anette Hamre - Norway

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Nanette Koepp

Nanette Koepp - USA - Eventing
Nanette Koepp

Anette Borge Ask

Anette Borge Ask - Norway

Anette Holst

Anette Holst - DenmarkAnette Holst

Anette Ringnes

Anette Ringnes - Norway

Annette Hocquet

Annette Hocquet - France

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Annette Schwartze

Annette Schwartze - Germany

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Anette Renkl

Anette Renkl - GermanyAnette Renkl

Anette Thorsen

Anette Thorsen - Norway

Annette Phillips

Annette Phillips - New Zealand

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Anjanette Harten

Anjanette Harten - AustraliaAnjanette Harten

Annette Bailey

Annette Bailey - Australia

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Annette Masterson

Annette Masterson - UK

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Annette Irniger

Annette Irniger - Switzerland

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Annette Bentzen

Annette Bentzen - NorwayAnnette Bentzen

Annette Braeuner

Annette Braeuner - GermanyAnnette Braeuner

Annette Wyrwoll

Annette Wyrwoll - Germany
Annette Wyrwoll
Annette Wyrwoll

Annette Higgins

Annette Higgins - UKAnnette Higgins

Annette Menzel

Annette Menzel - Germany

Annette Miller

Annette Miller -

Francesca Zanette

Francesca Zanette - Italy

Jeanette Chardon

Jeanette Chardon - Holland
Jeanette Chardon
Jeanette Chardon

Jeanette Dreger

Jeanette Dreger - Germany

Jeanette Francis

Jeanette Francis - New Zealand

Jeanette Gevelt

Jeanette Gevelt - NorwayJeanette Gevelt

Jeanette Larsen

Jeanette Larsen - Denmark

Jeanette Mero Dvm

Jeanette Mero Dvm - USA

Jeanette Persson

Jeanette Persson - Sweden

Jeanette Sund

Jeanette Sund - Denmark

Jeanette Van Der Merwe

Jeanette Van Der Merwe - South Africa

Jeanette Watts

Jeanette Watts - Sweden

Jeannette Bair

Jeannette Bair - USA

Jeannette Jenny

Jeannette Jenny - Portugal
Jeannette Jenny
Jeannette Jenny

Jeannette Lechner - Gebhard

Jeannette Lechner - Gebhard - Austria

Jeanette Benzie

Jeanette Benzie - New Zealand

Tin Lizzie - Beautiful dapple grey mare. Shown successfully with many year end Champions and Reserves CenTex Hunter Jumper Assoc., showing at 3`. I have jumped her up to 3`6" at home. She is a 10+ mover; has automatic change; has beautiful form over fences; eye catching on the flat. Easy to load, clip, bathe, vet, cross tie. Lizzie is a ball to ride, esp in the Equitation classes because she can do the sharper turns. I`ve enjoyed owning and showing Lizzie, but I have had a job change with less salary, and need quick cash. Lizzie is a "made" horse that will be ready to help you bring home the ribbons at any level of shows. Video available. Price reduced for quick sale. Contact Phone: (254)7221622

Jeanette Corbeek

Jeanette Corbeek - HollandJeanette Corbeek

Jeanette Edwards

Jeanette Edwards - New Zealand

Jeanette Harvey

Jeanette Harvey - South Africa

Jeanette Venter

Jeanette Venter - Namibia

Jeannette Braehmer

Jeannette Braehmer - Germany

Jeannette Krã„Henbãœhl

Jeannette Krã„Henbãœhl - SwitzerlandJeannette Krã„Henbãœhl

Jeanette Nesã˜en

Jeanette Nesã˜en - Norway - Showjumping RiderJeanette Nesã˜en

Louisa Annette Poulsen

Louisa Annette Poulsen - Denmark

Jeanette Powell

Jeanette Powell - UK - Showjumping Rider

Jeanette Powell Competition Results

13 - Scope, 1.15m Members Cup Consolation - 03/09/2005 - Leonardo II
24 - Scope, DMS Novice Preliminary Round 1 - 25/08/2003 - Charlie Dot Com

Annette Wolf

Annette Wolf - Holland - Showjumping Rider Annette

Annette Nothhaft

Annette Nothhaft - Germany

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Annette Huelsmann

Annette Huelsmann -

Annette Huelsmann Horses

Pico´s Boy

Annette Huelsmann Competition Results

08 - Dortmund, 1.40 Against the clock - 13/03/2008 - Pico´s Boy

Jeannette Wolf

Jeannette Wolf - UK

Annette Louw

Annette Louw - South Africa

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Annette Schroers

Annette Schroers - Germany - Eventing Annette Schroers


Hickstead derby winner with Annette Lewis

Annette Ostermann

Annette Ostermann - Germany - Showjumping Rider

Annette Mikulski

Annette Mikulski - Germany - Eventing

Anette Christensson

Anette Christensson - Sweden - Dressage Rider

Wanette Hanekom

Wanette Hanekom - Namibia - Endurance Riders

Anette Horpestad

Anette Horpestad - Norway - ShowjumpingAnette Horpestad


Sired by Alleged Romanette2

Annette Metzger

Annette Metzger - Germany - Showjumping Rider

Annette Eickelkamp

Annette Eickelkamp - Germany - Eventing Rider Annette Eickelkamp

Jeanette Odlander

Jeanette Odlander - Sweden - Eventing Jeanette Odlander

Jeannette Haazen

Jeannette Haazen - Holland - Dressage Rider Jeannette Haazen

Ellen Annette Gutubakken

Ellen Annette Gutubakken - Norway - Endurance RiderEllen Annette Gutubakken

Annette Geser

Annette Geser - Austria Annette Geser

Annette Willems

Annette Willems - Holland - Showjumping Rider

Annette Willems Competition Results

10 - Arezzo - Toscana Tour (ITA), 1.40 Against the clock - 09/04/2004 - Jumping Jack