Alberto Boscarato

Alberto Boscarato is an Italian showjumping rider with an international competition record competing horses such as Iza Van Seven Oaks, Urbino Delle Roane and Evivona. Below you can watch Alberto Boscarato competing in the Predazzo derby.

Alberto Boscarato
Alberto Boscarato

Horse Shows

Any fans of horse of the year show, share you HOYS memory`s in the comments below. click here to watch HOYS show reel & Stableexpress. Stableexpress has results, news & information from horse shows from all around the world. …
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    Minis in Motion / miniature horses and donkeys are partnered patients at long term care facilities, helping ignite a spark for learning and personal development. Star Shangri La Therapeutic Academy of Riding , Tennessee
  • This fuzzy little horse is smaller than a golden retriever

    This fuzzy little horse is smaller than a golden retriever

    Dwarf horse foal Smaller Than A Golden Retriever could barely walk when she was rescued. Read about the rescue of the adorable mini dwarf pony Martha from Craiglist
  • Lipizzaner Horses

    Lipizzaner Horses

    The story of the American army operation to save the Lipizzaner horses from the Nazi`s at the end of world war 2.

Alberto Zorzi

Alberto Zorzi is an international showjumping rider who has represented Italy at many of the worlds biggest equestrian events and is ranked highly in the FEI rider rankings. Below you can watch Alberto Zorzi in action riding Cornetto K.

Alberto Zorzi - Showjumper

Cesar Alberto Ferreira Filho

Cesar Alberto Ferreira Filho - BrazilCesar Alberto Ferreira Filho

Alberto Arcaya

Alberto Arcaya - Chile

Black Raven Stables is a Premiere Northwest Training and Boarding facility that provides both recreational and educational opportunities for riders of all ages. It doesn`tt matter whether you are a serious, show-minded rider or a ride for fun type rider all of your goals can be met with us!

We are fortunate to have some of the Top Equine Professional Trainers in the Northwest; Teresa Sullivan of TT

Alberto Gonzalez

Alberto Gonzalez - Uruguay

Gretchen Sallstrom
Raised in Southern California, Gretchen Salstrom has owned horses since her teens, purchasing her first 2 year old at 15. SheGretchen spent several years in the early 80s breeding, raising and showing Halter and Youth Event Quarter Horses. After a hiatus spent in corporate America, focusing on Retail Business Management and IT Hardware/Software consulting, Gretchen returned to equine life. She purchased an 11 acre ranch in Ferndale, WA, where she started a breeding program, focusing in the working cow horse events: Cutting, Reining, and Reined Cow Horse. After a short time in Ferndale, she sold the ranch and relocated her business to Black Raven Stables, where she now spends most of her time managing the boarding facility and operating her own breeding program out of. As the owner of a large equine facility, Gretchen hopes to generate interest from all equine disciplines and be able to support all needs. Her love of horses and a desire to help others in the equine industry inspired her to start People Helping Horses, a non-profit horse rescue organization.

Alberto Robazza

Alberto Robazza - Italy

Bowen is a type of body work that uses the nervous system to readjust the horse`s muscles and whole body for that matter.

Meghan does a set of moves that trigger vibrations in the horses nervous system. This causes the body to go to the area of the vibrations and re-program the horse`s entire body in that area to the original blue print they have in their head from when they were born.

This causes muscles that are tight or knotted to let go which can in turn cause chiropractic adjustments. As well as straightening out any internal problems the horse may be having.

Bowen may help with:
Muscle tension.
Muscle adhesions.
Joint restrictions in knees, hocks, stifles, hips, shoulders.
It is great for horses with jaw problems.
It helps with the respitory, digestive, kidney and other internal problems.

If you can`t pinpoint the problem, Bowen works on the entire body. Because of this it can help with things you don`t even know about.

Since the body is making the changes, not the therapist, it lasts much longer than massage. Once a horse is balanced, it may hold for 6 months or more.

Alberto Ferrandi

Alberto Ferrandi - Italy

We pride ourselves on being able to accommodate our local communities needs with a variety of clinics, events and activities. On the 2006 calendar, we have scheduled, either a Schooling or Zone approved Open Show, the 2 nd Sunday of each month; Mark Shaffer Mechanics in Movement Clinic, Steve Heckaman Western Pleasure Clinic, Les Vogt Working Cow horse Clinic, Cattle Sorting, Barrel Racing and Gaming, 4-H Activities and much more.

Over the years we have been blessed with clients and friends who have created a positive atmosphere at our barn. We are committed to maintaining this atmosphere.

Please explore our web site. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, or better yet stop by we love visitors! We always enjoy giving tours, so please dont hesitate to call and schedule a visit.

Alberto Morales Morales

Alberto Morales Morales - Costa Rica

Teresa Sullivan
Teresa Sullivan-Allman has been training Paint and Quarter Horses since about 1990. In addition to Champion horses, she has built an active and winning clientele of Youth and Amateur students. Teresa has trained and coached 18 APHA World and Reserve World Champions

TT Sullivan Performance Horses, concentrates on the pleasure side of the performance arena, focusing on Western Pleasure and Hunter Under Saddle. Teresa loves developing her students into independent, thinking riders. She also enjoys working with young horses -- the "twos and threes," she calls them.

Teresa`s father, Dale Schultz, had Arabians in Santa Barbara, California. Teresa`s first horse was a bratty Sheland named Penny. The family later moved to the Pacific Northwest, where Teresa finished her youth showing career.

Now, Teresa anticipates raising a few horses someday when she retires. She is active in the Pacific Northwest Paint Horse Club and sits on the National Snaffle Bit Association (NSBA) affiliation committee. The NSBA is a group dedicated to increasing quality, standards, and monetary awards available to those pleasure classes and pleasure futurities where horses perform in the snaffle bit.

In 2004, Teresa became the first person in Washington State to earn a judging card with the American Paint Horses Association (APHA). She has since earned a judging card with the NSBA as well.

Alberto Bonferrari

Alberto Bonferrari - Italy

Alberto Bollettin

Alberto Bollettin - Italy

Alberto Brugnone

Alberto Brugnone - ItalyAlberto Brugnone

Alberto Aldana

Alberto Aldana - Mexico

Alberto Basilico

Alberto Basilico - ItalyAlberto Basilico

Alberto Carmona

Alberto Carmona - VENAlberto Carmona

Alberto Carrara

Alberto Carrara - italyAlberto Carrara

Alberto Cocconi

Alberto Cocconi - italy

Alberto Dari

Alberto Dari - Italy

Alberto Diaz De Valdes

Alberto Diaz De Valdes - Chile

Sullivan Performance Horses, Jennifer McCloud and Rafael Cowboy Sanchez of MS Performance Horses and Meghan Valenti of Valenti Training. Our trainers specialize in everything from the pleasure side of the Paint and Quarter Horse Performance Arena to Colt Starting, Problem Horses, Beginner Riders, Lessons and Dressage. We can help you find your full potential.

We are located 30 minutes North of Seattle on the I-5 corridor. Our main barn has 56- premium 12x12 stalls, two hot water wash racks, a covered arena, full service bathrooms, washer and dryer, large viewing area and beautiful tack rooms. We also have a small barn with 10- 12x12 stalls, an operating concession stand, and tack rooms. Two outdoor arenas with plenty of room to ride, cattle chutes and turn-back pens, spectator bleachers, grass pastures, paddocks, stallion pens and a 60 covered round pen are just a few of our other features that make our facility truly a great place for you and your horse. In 2006 the completion of our second covered arena and hot walker will be just a few of the exciting improvements we are planning on making.

Alberto Fernandez

Alberto Fernandez - MexicoAlberto Fernandez

Alberto Rossi

Alberto Rossi - Italy

MS Performance Horses
MS Performance Horses was realized in 2002 when two trainers seeking the same end result met. Rafael Sanchez(Cowboy) and Jennifer Mc Cloud met in late 2002 after Jennifer had been bucked off one of her Saddlebred show horses following a horse show. A badly bruised spinal cord made it impossible for her to carry on business as she had in the past, no longer would she be able to start young horses or work problem horses.


After some research by one of her clients who had a young horse in training with Jennifer to get started under saddle, Cowboy was contacted to continue the mares training as she had not yet been ridden and Jennifer would be out of the saddle for 6 months due to her back injury. Over the course of the next 4 months it was decided that the best course of action would be to combine the efforts of Jennifer and Cowboy in order to provide clients a true full service environment.

Cowboys exposure to riding began at the very early age of 5 when he started school and the only form of transportation they had was riding a donkey to and from school. It was in his early teens when he started training mules, donkeys and horses for other people.

In 1985 Cowboy moved from Mexico to Arizona to begin his 20 year career with race horses, this move prompted many moves across the country including race tracks in New Mexico, Minnesota, and then Washington. He worked with many top race horse trainers including Tom Burlingame, Robbie Base, Dan Kenney, Martin Kenney, John Anderson, Dora Howard, Jim Penny, and Jay Cooper, to name a few.

In 1995 he was hired by Scott Arabians in Monroe, WA., where owner Rick Scott saw Cowboys talent not just for the race horse but really with any horse. Cowboy was put in charge of the farm, from taking care of Ricks own prized Arabian race horses, to the breeding stallions, broodmares, foals and show horses. It was then when Cowboy started to branch out to all the other breeds available to him to start under saddle and work through problems with. The unfortunate sales of Scott Arabians in 2000 prompted the necessity for Cowboy to further branch out and hone his skills with different breeds and disciplines.

Jennifer started her riding at the young age of 10, after several years of begging her parents for the love of her life, a horse. Soon after the purchase of a Arabian mare she began competing at local 4-H shows in Snohomish County. It did not take long for her and her parents to realize that she was most at home when working with the horses and being in the show ring. By the age of 13 she was competing nearly every weekend at 4-H, Zone and A system Arabian shows, riding, Saddle seat, Stock seat, Hunt seat, Equitation (riding and winning all but Stock seat Gold Medal in Equitation)/Pleasure, Native Costume, Halter and being a fierce competitor at Showmanship. As a teen she qualified and competed at the State 4-H competition, Zone Challenge, and Region 5 Arabian Championships.

As a Junior and an adult she has ridden under many top trainers and worked with many different breeds including, Corliss Branch(Quarter Horses/Paints), Jerry Blake(Morgans), Lester Corbett(Saddlebreds/Arabians), Ron Palelek(Arabians/1/2 Arabians), and Gerd Reuter(Dressage) through clinics and lessons. As an adult she has trained and shown Pintos, Morgans, Saddlebreds and her first love Arabians competing at such venues as Region 5 Arabian Championships (WA), Region 4 Arabian Championships (OR), Region 17 Arabian Championships (CAN), Canadian Arabian National Championships, U.S. Arabian National Championships, Class A Morgan shows, Pinto circuits, and Class A Saddlebred shows, bringing home numerous championships for owners and riders she worked with.

In addition to riding and training, Jennifer has spent the last few years actively coaching and training upcoming riders to reach their own goals of learning to ride and being successful competing in the show ring against seasoned riders, actively participating in taking the rider from a school horse to a show horse purchase to competing in their first show whether 4-H, zone, or A circuit. With over 20 years of experience in the show and horse world Jennifer looks forward to helping anyone who wants to grow as a rider/horse owner to better their knowledge and skills.

It is not uncommon at any time to come in to the training barn and find a vast array of breeds from Friesians, Trekhanners, Dutch/Swedish Warmbloods, Paints, Quarterhorses, Morgans, Arabians, Drafts, etc., in for beginning training to show training/tune up for about any discipline.

To this day they continue in the way they started, Cowboy starts young horses, works with problem horses, trains race horses, while Jennifer works and shows the show horses, teaches countless hours of riding lessons, manages the office and marketing program. They stand several stallions including their own and are both equally active in the breeding, foaling, and care of the foals from birth to weaning.

In short Jennifer and Cowboy have become a much sought after team capable of offering their clients a full scope of options with horses.

We provide all breed horse training for trail or show, as well as providing a curriculum based Horsemanship program. Check out our sale horses and our breeding stallion.

Alberto Honrubia

Alberto Honrubia - Spain

Alberto Honrubia Alvarino

Alberto Honrubia Alvarino - Spain

Alberto Laranjeira

Alberto Laranjeira - Portugal

Alberto Leite Rodrigues

Alberto Leite Rodrigues - Portugal

Alberto Lombardi

Alberto Lombardi - Italy

Alberto Marquez Galobardes

Alberto Marquez Galobardes - Spain

Alberto Marrami Vitali

Alberto Marrami Vitali - ItalyAlberto Marrami Vitali

Alberto Michan

Alberto Michan - mexico
Alberto Michan
Alberto Michan

Alberto Posada Carvajal

Alberto Posada Carvajal - Columbia

Alberto Rihan

Alberto Rihan - Mexico

Alberto Rinaldi

Alberto Rinaldi - Italy

Alberto Sanchez Cozar

Alberto Sanchez Cozar - SpainAlberto Sanchez Cozar

Alberto Schwalm

Alberto Schwalm - Chile

Alberto Sclauzero

Alberto Sclauzero - ItalyAlberto Sclauzero

Alberto Tatti

Alberto Tatti - Italy

Alberto Tovar

Alberto Tovar - Venezuela

Alberto Valdes Ramos

Alberto Valdes Ramos - mexico

Alberto Violante

Alberto Violante - Italy

Alberto Vitali Marrami

Alberto Vitali Marrami - Italy
Alberto Vitali Marrami
Alberto Vitali Marrami

Alberto Chincherin

Alberto Chincherin - Italy

Alfio Alberto Velis

Alfio Alberto Velis - Italy

Julian Alberto Suarez

Julian Alberto Suarez - Argentina

Alberto Hawa Sarquis

Alberto Hawa Sarquis - Mexico

Should I groom my horse every day?

Generally speaking, you should not comb or brush your horses tail on a regular basis. Combs and brushes tend to damage the hair by breaking it off or pulling it out, causing the tail to become sparse and thin. Tangles should be removed every time you groom by combing through the tail with your fingers.

Alberto Valdes Lacarra

Alberto Valdes Lacarra - Mexico - Horse Rider

Rose De Setif`s clear yesterday in the 1.55m GP of Zug

Warmblood Foals
Alberto Valdes Lacarra

You Did Not Know This About Twitter, Did You?

Everyone is using Twitter these days, news anchors and talk show hosts promote their streams via television and radio waves. So why are you not using Twitter to build your own brand? Its not the time-waster that kills productivity as some may claim as long as you know how to use Twitter productively.

For the sake of not boring you to death I will assume you know how Twitter works and if you don`t you can read about it here > How Twitter Works

Ways To Become Productive on Twitter

Links are all over the place on Twitter. News gets out and topics trend all because of tweeted links. To get your links re-tweeted, you need to have a large following of users that are responsive to you. Or you need to have the right kind of followers, like a power user, who then spreads your message across their networks.

Power users are selective about their links and tailor them to build their brand. Power user have an agenda, and thats a big part of why they have so many people following them. They tweet content that ultimately gives them something in return which usually results in more followers, wider reach, more clients, better reputation, better leads, etc. Movie stars link to behind-the-scenes photos to generate anticipation. Musicians link to exclusive content so they can build a more loyal fanbase. TV personalities link to exclusive giveaways to better hold the attention of their viewers. A-list bloggers link to stellar content to build their authority. Each of these types of links deliver value in the form of knowledge or entertainment to your Twitter following.

So when a power user broadcasts a message, they get something valuable in return. Thats productive because their time spent on Twitter is an investment, not a waste. Power users are productive on Twitter because they use it as a tool to build their brand and you should too.

Want a lot of followers, then you need to link strategically and offer valuable content on a regular basis. That requires creativity. Its worth it when you are getting something in return. Its worth it when you are investing in your brand.

Better Ways To Twitter Brand-Building

Twitter is ideal for conducting real-time market research and finding out whats on peoples minds regarding a particular topic. If youre building a brand or running a business, you should be using Twitter for this purpose. Its invaluable research that would cost a lot of money the old-fashioned way. Twitter is also ideal, as just discussed, for broadcasting messages far and wide to build your brand.

If youre not taking advantage of Twitter as a brand-building tool then youre really just wasting your time.

Don`t Let Twitter Kill Your Productivity

If youre only on Twitter to consume the valuable content found in other users streams, youre going to be buried with useless information that will only distract you from actually getting things done. And whats worse, most of the posts are filled with links to the latest gossip column, or YouTube hit. Meaning, you have tons of dead-end links to distract yourself with. Or, if theyre not dead-end, they lead you onto plenty more time-wasting urls.

A Few Tips

Step 1: Start out with 50-100 users youd like to follow and go to their homepages (you can add more later). Only choose the ones whos tweets provide you value that somehow relates back to your product or service.

Step 2: Subscribe to those users tweets through an RSS reader. You can find that orange RSS icon in the right sidebar when you scroll down on their page. From there, you can choose how youd like to view the updates.

Step 3: Consume those updates when you can strategically plan some break time. If one of your favorite websites is doing a special giveaway, you wont miss out on the messages. And youll actually be better able to spot the important updates because the feed wont be cluttered by noise from other users.

Step 4: Only register and log in to your actual Twitter account when you want to accomplish one of the following:

* Find out what topics are trending on Twitter

* Seeing what users around the globe are saying about particular current events, perhaps using hashtags

* Research what people think about a certain product/movie/book/idea by using the search bar

Productivity, Twitter and You

You shouldnt be on Twitter unless youre building a brand, or already have a business or cause that you actively promote. That gives you something back in return (money, resources, satisfaction, inspiration).

Twitter is all about reach how far and wide a tweet can spread. Your reach wont be much unless you have a lot of followers (or a few power users who happen to re-tweet your content). You wont have a lot of followers unless you consistently offer valuable content. You cant afford to consistently create valuable content unless you get something in return. Something that translates into a business or a brand and thus sustains you in a meaningful way.

So if youre not aiming to use Twitter to get something back in return and improve your productivity, avoid it altogether, or use the RSS feature instead.

Tell Me What You Think.

Do you think Twitter can be productive even if youre not building a brand?

Do you use Twitter productively?

Alberto Teran De La Piedra Luis Alberto

Alberto Teran De La Piedra Luis Alberto - Spain - Showjumping Rider

Rose De Setif`s clear yesterday in the 1.55m GP of Zug

Warmblood Foals
Alberto Teran De La Piedra Luis Alberto

TweetMic This iPhone application helps you publish audio to Twitter. Great way to connect with clients and customers.

Alberto Coppari

Alberto Coppari is a showjumping rider from Italy, international horses competed by Alberto Coppari include Carpaccio, Gistria D and Jelona Van Het Slogenhof.

Alberto Coppari - Italian Show Jumper

Horse Marketing - What is screen printing?

Screen-printing is a print process where a design or logo is transfered to the substrate by way of a screen. The printer will transfer the inks through the screen to the garment to achieve the desired result. The process involoves exact pressures, specialized inks, and heat curing to result in a long lasting design. Screen printers can normally print up to four colors.

Alberto Harari

Alberto Harari - mexico

Here is one Peppyscription colt that is going to turn heads. He is straight, correct and balanced, plus he is a striking sorrel with a flaxen mane and tail. His dam is by the same sire as our junior stallion, Dust Luck, so she comes from a line of horses we have rode and really believe in. In rare years when she is not in foal, Jaz goes back to work. She has enough cow, grit and drive to get the job done, plus she is soft minded enough to pack around beginners. Our daughter, Avery, is learning to ride on her right now. This colt should be the same way. He is straight, correct and balanced. One of the good ones.

Alberto De Lazzari

Alberto De Lazzari - Italy

Norman, Oklahoma - $375,000
Horsemans Dream, only 30 minutes from OKC. 3 barns, outdoor arena, 3000 sq.ft. Ranch-style rock home 3 bed/2 1/2 bath w/sparkling pool. Cross-fenced w/pipe. Call Jan for appointment (405) 740-8096

Alberto Perez

Alberto Perez - Costa Rica

Meghan Valenti
Meghan has been riding and training horses for over 15 years. In that time she has acquired a large amount of experience and knowledge. She has trained and instructed in several disciplines including: English and Western Pleasure, Dressage, Jumping and colt starting. Her discipline of chioce is 3-day Eventing. Meghan has been competing professionally in this event for several years. Her training style is patient but stern. Meghan instills in the horse respect for personal space while at the same time developing mutual respect between horse and rider.

Meghan enjoys giving lessons, especially to children. She has worked exclusively with 4-H, Zone, and Pony Club riders. There is always room in her program for the backyard rider who wants to improve either their riding or horse-management skills in order to improve their relationship with their horse.

With that being said, Meghan would love to hear from you soon!

Meghan is also a Bowen therapist.

To set up a Bowen session for your horse or if you are interested in having Meghan train your horse or give you lessons -

Jose Alberto Martinez Barone

    Jose Alberto Martinez Barone is a Mexican showjumping rider who competed on the Global Championship League tour with his horse Nelson 212 (Nekton x Coronado). Other horses competed by Jose Alberto Martinez Barone include, Look At Me & Come With Me II. If you can help us expand our rider profile of Jose Alberto Martinez Barone please email us at
Jose Alberto Martinez Barone
Coloured Stallions
Coloured Stallions At Stud
High Offley Stud Stallions has a long established history breeding sport horses of over 20 years, having played host to some of the UK`s leading showjumping stallions at stud.... Call: 07811 329229 - Email:

Alberto Rosales Garcia

Alberto Rosales Garcia is a showjumping rider from Venezuela.

It is a cross-country race timed between 20 and 160 km taking place on an imposed route . Mandatory and regular veterinary checks guarantee the good health of the horses throughout the course . The goal is to travel the distance in the best time while keeping the horse in a perfect state of health , which implies on the part of the rider a good knowledge of the physical capacities of his horse allowing a balanced and balanced management of the race.

Alberto Larraguibel

Alberto Larraguibel - Chille - Showjumping The record for high jump is 2,47m by Capt. Alberto Larraguibel Morales and Huaso, in Chile in 1949

Alberto Michan Halbinger

Alberto Michan Halbinger - Mexico - Showjumping RiderAlberto

Jorge Alberto Goã‘I Rojo

Jorge Alberto Goã‘I Rojo - Mexico - ShowjumpingJorge Alberto Goã‘I Rojo

Alberto Giugni

Alberto Giugni - Italy - Eventing
Alberto Giugni

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Alberto Balas

Alberto Balas - Mexico - Showjumping Rider

Ricardo Alberto Villa

Ricardo Alberto Villa - Columbia - ShowjumpingRicardo Alberto Villa

Alberto Rivera Torres

Alberto Rivera Torres - Mexico - ShowjumpingAlberto

Jose Alberto Martinez Vazquez

Jose Alberto Martinez Vazquez - Mexico - ShowjumpingJose Alberto Martinez Vazquez

Alberto Capriles

Alberto Capriles - Venezuela - Showjumping Rider

Romulo Alberto Suero-Ponce

Romulo Alberto Suero-Ponce - Puerto Rico

HTT Horse Box Hire Ltd: Equine transport made easy.

Welcome to HTT Horse Box Hire Ltd! We`re a Knutsford based, Cheshire Equine transport company with an enthusiastic, wholly professional team who are looking forward to taking care of all your Equine transport requirements.


HTT Horse Box Hire Ltd
3 Braidwood Avenue
Knutsford Cheshire WA16 8EY